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Gurujee's invitation to the sangat in 1699

Mehtab Singh

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From what we know about Sikh history, Dasmesh Pitah Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj had asked the Sikhs to assemble at the Vasakhi of 1699 with uncut beards and kesh. I have been thinking, would anyone know if someone preserved that handwritten invitation letter? Probably atleast one sidak vaali Gurmukh family must have preserved it? Right?

Thank you

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i dont thnk that written letters went out. I had thought that Guru Ji sent invitation throught he masands by word oof mouth to reach Anandpur by Vasaikhi, and also that these invitataions went out months before the actual event, cos travelling in india in thiose times would takes weeks and months to cross the breadth of the country, and as one of the Beloved Panj Pyare came from Orissa, which is right on the east coast of the country then think how much time he would have needed to reach Anandpur Sahib.

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