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Dasam Bani Darbaar


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With all due respect and consideration - this is the Gurmat Sangeet forum - we try and stear away from non Gurmat Sangeet i.e. Bhai Harjinder Singh.

Also, as per the forum heading - we are trying to create a Dasam Bani kirtan library - in Gurmat Sangeet style i.e. Raag.

Would you be so kind as to remove all the Dasam Bani recitations (paat - may be open another thread in a more appropriate section) and remove shabds which are not in raag please.

Dhanvaad Bhenji/Admin.

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The main shabds which are sung from Dasm Bani are from Shabd Hazare - which are in raag.

Re the others - its debatable re whether they were meant to be sung or just recited (as per Japji Sahib).

But where they are sung i.e. Chandi di Vaar, Deh Shiva etc - then we need to use our common sense and think how they would have been rendered in Guru Sahibs zamaana. They would have either been sung in Dhadi format or in raags which invoked vira rasa/bhaav as per the poetry.

Singing these warrior psychology/spirit changing words is not a job for semi-classical/tumri wannabe bollywood singers.

Plus, as per the forum section - the aim is to try and stay true to Gurmat Sangeet tradition - even if it needs to improvised - as per shabd which don't have kirtan sirlek.

Thanks for removing the posts Bhenji.

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Dr Gurnaam Singh Ji with a beautiful rendition of Sorath raag - 'Prabh ju to keh laaj hamare'.


And the 'original' rendition by the legendary Gyani Dyal Singh (Raagi):


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