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Spiritual websites - Mostly Osho, Vivekananda, Sufi,+ others

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Books on/by Swami Vivekananda, Osho, Buddhism, jainism: http://rajmittal.com/blog/osho.htm

Osho book - from Sex to Superconsciousness: http://www.balbro.com/s2s/

Osho discourses: http://www.oshoworld.com/discourses/audio.asp. Books available on same site.

Sufi Website: http://wahiduddin.net/. Has links to numerous Sufi websites.

Lots of books on Sikhi: http://gurfateh.net/Literature/index.php. I recommed reading Se Kineheya, Baba Harnam Singh ji Rampur Khera's jeevan sakhi.

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