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what constitutes an beadhi of maharaj ???


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I wanted to know from R4G campaigners and others-

what constitutes an beadhi of maharaj? is it an malice intention or difference of opnions both in maryada or way of looking at things. I beleive strictly malice intentions constitutes an beadhi of maharaj. Ignorance/sharda/firm beleive in satguru purifies everything from brothels to banquet hall upon arrival does not constitute as beadhi of maharaj.

We all can agree taking maharaj to where sharab/taboacco is distributed intentially despite of fully being educated is beadhi. Any joe blow who are born into sikh family knows that.

However, lets move little more towards subtle connoations of beadhi.

- Does arti/phoola di varka on guru maharaj constitutes an beadhi of maharaj? most of people on here may say yes.. call it bhraminvad/manmat therefore maha beadi act like panthic police take up gandasa wait for house address on their mobile phones so that they can stop this maha beadhi but according to puratan maryada this does not hold that as beadhi but totally opposite as form of respect and individual's sharda.

- Does tat vetaie karaks mahapursh bhramgyanis pictures/their relics close to maharaj or on the walls where maharaj is parkashed is beadhi? again some people may call this beadhi and ready to pick up their kirpana and gandasaie but another way of looking at that, bhramgyanis status given in gurbani how they are one with one jot of akaal purkh, there is no difference which gurbani itself talks about over and over and over again.

- Is the person guilty of maharaj beadi or does that constitute maharaj beadhi if a person expressing his/her love more passionately eg- good knight kiss to guru ji ang, shed tears which falls on guru's pavitar ang? talk to guru ji like a freind like mitr to mitr after reaching that bhramdrist avastha?

- Is a person guilty of maharaj beadhi if a person who is in maharaj's room at the house gets into samadh roop mode for days that he/she forgets to do daily rituals like- sukhasan, bhog, hakumnamas?

- Is a person guilty of maharaj beadhi if a person who is in seva of maharaj in the room at the house all of sudden start attuned to vibrations which more than his/her capacity to handle, letting him/her into trance mode where strange type of maneuvers/dancing/clapping/spining is naturally comes out infront of maharaj?

- How about subtle forms of beadhi which sikhs see it in every day life but decides to ignore or brush aside- eg- unshud ucharan of gurbani, not singing in raagas as instructed in musical metres of gurbani, destruction of birdh/puratan saroops/gutkas of guru maharaj by SGPC, bhausaria's types subtly targetting gurbani being not mukhvak of gurus by creating sansa/doubts among sangat.??

People have to look at these scenarios and subtle forms of beadhi before they start jumping at the bandwagons started writing petitions and causing unncessary bitterness/hostilty/division, waste of manpower, energy/time. Beadhi of maharaj is beadhi of maharaj, whether its in form of physical beadhi or in sutble form it does not make any difference.

Last but not least, i ll leave the sangat with two mindset of bhramgyanis on the issue of physical beadhi of guru maharaj..without any question they are both right, not the question of one mindset being right and other being wrong. They both need to be understood from very open mindset.

One such mindset is practised by purshautam maryada mahapursh, if physical beadhi of maharaj is taking place anywhere...Purshautam maryada mahapursh takes more active approach to instill anakh/sidaki/sharda in sikhs, - bringing people who do beadhi of mahapursh to justice. There is nothing wrong with that, its absoultely fine.

However second such mindset which is praticised by carefree mastaney bhramgyanis are equally valid and right. When i meant carefree i didnt meant in form of carelessness. Mastana bhramgyani deals with maharaj's physical beadhi in a very different manner from looking at the tat nichor, they look at the essence of sri guru granth sahib ji- shabad guru and ask others who like to join them in this protest- How and who can destroy or do beadhi of shabad guru?? shabad guru prevades in everything(kan/kan), its a primal force/dhuni/ resosance, it was there before beginning, past, present and ever will be (aad sach, jugad sach, hai bhi sach, nanak hosi bhi sach). When people with malice intentions do beadhi of maharaj they try to invoke reaction from sikh community so that they can show the world by getting help of media how extermists/terrorist/fanatics are sikhs. Mastaney mahapursh just smile at these foolish people who think they can do physical beadi of maharaj - shabad guru. Shabad guru prevades in everything,everywhere, universe, multiverse countless realms, universe its a primal force/dhuni/resosance/daiv shakti/shakta, its force that whole akar is supported and nourished by... in essence , one cannot do beadhi of shabad guru. Shabad guru is nirankari jot.

As gurbani mentions- Vaho Vaho Bani Nirankar Hai ||

As they say- when you spit at the moon, spit comes to your face, nothing happens to glowing moon.

So both mindsets/angles adapted by mahapursh and people when it comes to beadhi of maharaj are right and valid, we have to be careful not to get emotionally carried away and start labelling each other - kacha pilla, dhilla singh or katarpanthi, extermist, fanatics sikhs just because people with other mindsets fully adapted by mahapursh, may have different approach fully aligned with gurmat via gurbani.

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From what's been instilled in me personally, beadbi of written form of Gurbani includes:

1) Not washing feet before sitting tabia.

2) if after going to jungle (toilet/number 2), not doing ishnaan before sitting tabia.

3) doing parkash without intent of reading Bani and without sitting tabia.

Other than this, like N30 said, doing parkash in a place where people are smoking/drinking (not before or after parkash, but during) and the smoke or smell of alcohol is present at the time.

Things that I don't consider beadbi but fanatics of today, having forgotten what their parents did, may not think so:

1) Transporting of written form of Gurbani in a clean, well packed suitcase (not along with shoes or dirty clothes etc.)

2) Reading of the written form of Gurbani by a non-sikh to the best of their knowledge of giving respect to scriptures. (i.e. some cultures don't cover their hair while reading scriptures). But if done knowingly, then ofcourse it is certainly beadbi.

3) old ppl or disabled being able to sit on a chair to listen to Gurbani or come to mathatek Gurbani in written form or sung form in a Gurdwara on a wheelchair. This will somehow 'instantly lower' the status of Gurbani for certain narrow minded tbt goodsikhs.

Things that I find totally ridiculous for ppl campaigning for respect of Sikh scriptures:

1) not recognizing written form of Bani as 'living' and 'alive' is beadbi!

2) referring to written form of Gurbani as 'Granth SAHIB' is beadbi!

3) referring to GRANTH Sahib as a Holy BOOK/scripture is beadbi!

4) Not transporting Granth Sahibs in a chartered plane with individual seat for each Granth Sahib is beadbi! (This seems to be the latest trend).

Just my 2 cents.. whether u asked for it or not.. lol.. later

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here's another one I forgot to mention on the ridiculous list:

5) Ppl who live in a house that has a second floor or a basement cannot store or do parkash at the lower levels when there are people living on the upper floors, no matter how clean these rooms may be because it is 'lower' than the rest of the house. This will again 'instantly lower' the status of Gurbani for certain illiterate beings.

Kind of scary how much these goodsikhs resemble the mughals in the way they 'demand' respect for their version of religion.

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Kind of scary how much these goodsikhs resemble the mughals in the way they 'demand' respect for their version of religion.

That's Guru da pyaar for you

Ask yourself honestly - would you treat Baba Ram Singh the same? As strange as it may appear to you, for some of us, Guru Sahib is not just a "book". Jaisa Dhrist Karey Thaisa Hoe.....

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Well said Matheen. If only those who argue until cows come home with bahadur would realize the same, that for some muslims Guru Nanak was their Muslim Pir.

Btw I hope I never condemn you for not calling Satguru Ram Singh 'Satguru' and demand that yu use the word 'Baba' instead or else I may become no different that those I equate with Mughals.

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