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Previous births of the Panj Piyarae


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Quick thing reading the taksal steek of Jap Ji Sahib and Sant Hari Singhs Gurvak Chanan i have read abou the Panj Piyarae and their previous births.

Bhai Daya Singh - previously Lou Da Avtar

Bhai Dharam Singh - Bhagat Dhanna

Bhai Himmat Singh - The hunter who caught the Chatarbujhi bird

Bhai Mohkam Singh - Bhagat Namdev

Bhai Sahib Singh - Bhagat Sain

I am trying to find out who was 'Lou Da Avtar' can anyone help?

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Rishta veer ji, this has nothing to do with being mukht or not. If we follow this logic then one can argue why sri guru gobind singh ji had to come back, they were already mukht in their previous life when they did bhagti as dusht dasam on hemkunt parbath. But Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji tell us-

Mein Ho Param Porakh Ko Dasa, Dekh Aio Jagat Tamsaha ||

All the karaks guru avtars and bhramgyanis (in form of bhagats) they dont come here to do bhagti for their own self but to benefit man kind.

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