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How do you get less distracted?

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When doing simran, you get so many thoughts and images in your mann about your daily life which really distracts you from doing Simran. What would you suggest a person do to get their mann Shaant?

Please share your thoughts on this, because I'm sure alot of people face this problem when doing simran.

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You need patience. As you read more Bani, do more Simran and Sewa, your mind becomes purer and as the 'mael' comes off, your powers of concentration (Ikagartha) will also increase.

I find that doing Ardas before starting Simran, asking for ikagartha, prema bhagti etc also helps, as does having en empty stomach.

Did someone show you how to do Simran?

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Ikagartha is what is most needed. The Mann always starts to day dream or random thoughts begin to pop up in the mind. I just do simran of the Gurmantar right after doing my Nitnem in the morning.

The more you read bani, the more you realise that it is Simran of the Gurmantar that is being stressed by the Gurus and I feel that is what should be done more than anything else. Also when you read books on Mahpursh like Baba Karam Singh HotiMardan you realise it is Naam Simran which needs to be done. But getting concentration is a real challenge. The mind goes in all directions.

That suggestion of doing Ardas is a very good advice.

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