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Sikh Missionary

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That cartoon perfectly describes what the missionaries are. Their idealogy is a very naastic minded ideology. They see every thing in light of wordly science. Anything that contradicts the laws of physics, biology is not to be beleived. They don't realise that the laws of physics and biology are all the laws of the materialistic reality. There is another reality, a spiritual reality which goes way beyong the grasp of the materialistic reality.

For them all the stuff written in Dasam Granth cannot be real because for them this is all mythology. They try to change history by saying Baba Deep Singh Jee did not get his head cut off because that would be against the laws of biology. They don't even beleive in the concept of Naam which is the foundation of Sikhi.

Since the Kala Afghanana group started there parchar, all of the missionaries have joined them. We need to be on the look out for these missionaries. Long ago, I was also influanced by the missionaries idealogy, but with Guru Jee's grace i have seen that these missionaries are nothing by naastic minded people who are trying to destroy the spiritual aspect of Sikhi.

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