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  1. In reply to some of Das's points: The Panj Pyarai gave their heads physically in the first Amrit sanchar ceremony. Many Amrit sanchars took place afterwards and not once have I read that any Sikhs head was physically taken before taking amrit. Therefore, physically having your head cut off for an amrit sanchar is not tradition, it was a unique occurence and sacrafice by supreme souls to symbolically illustrate the surrenderence before the Guru. Its not a case of trying to mimic what the Guru's done, Maharaj didnt go hunting on their own, they took Sikhs with them and encouraged them t
  2. Neo Veer you wrote: Many nihang singhs beleive without parkash of sri dasam granth, amrit sanchar is invalid. That is very inaccurate.
  3. Have you read Chandi Di Var? If you had you would know it quite clearly starts 'Taihee Durga Saajkay Daita Da Nass Karraiya.' If people didnt have an agenda to push that would quite clearly be the end of discussion regarding who is praised in Chandi Di Var.
  4. baba santa singh mentions in this how chandi di var is to be recited.
  5. plz post link when recordings are up for yesterdays katha
  6. i heard a bit of sant jagjit singhs katha yesterday they were talking about bana, I would really like to listen to the whole katha has anyone got it recorded?
  7. from the frontpage of www.nihangsingh.org Traditional Mangalcharan: I bow to the lotus feet of Sri Guru Nanak. I meditate on Guru Angad who eradicates blemishes. I enshrine Guru Amar Das within my heart. I sing the praises of Sri Guru Ram Das. Sri Guru Arjun destroys all my obstacles. Guru Hargobind enlightens my mind. Salutations to Sri Guru Har Rai with folded hands. And again the same to Guru Harkrishan. Guru Tegh Bahadur is most gracious. Sri Guru Gobind Singh is blissful. I bow my head again and again. I salute the master of the universe over and over. Within knowled
  8. Some viichar on the kabits of Bhai Gurdas Ji where Bhai Sahib says: 'Logan Mai Logachar, Bedan Mai Bed Beechar' Singh if you could ask Baba Ji on "Kshatri Dharam and Khalsa Dharam" (links, overlaps, connection etc) I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  9. are the bania or mantrs to be recited out loud or in surti? In surti would certainly shorten the time, does it bare the same phal?
  10. Baba Kirtan Singh Baba Sohan Singh Baba Kundan Singh Baba Kharag Singh Baba Bishen Singh Baba Lehna Singh Baba Karam Singh Baba Gurbax Singh Baba Giana Singh Dhundiya Vala Baba Baba Harbhajan Singh Just a small list of Nihang Singhs who are stll today highly celebrated Brahmgianis, all of the past three decades or so. And of course the various mahapursh still within the dalpanths. Unfortunately Nihang Singhs havent exactly been the best at recording history of their mahapursh, stories of the mahapursh can only really be heard of within the dals they belonged or by local villag
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