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  1. The Maharajah's box: an imperial story of conspiracy, love and a guru's prophecy by Christy Campbell (Author) Anyone got a copy needed 5 pages from it scanned if anyone has would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Gurfateh, thanks for that, wonderful post. Could you give some more information on the author please. Bears a storng influence from the writers personal inclinations and intuitions towards Bhagti, which is perhaps what makes it more interesting. With regards to the agreement with water, I recall coming across that idea a while back but cant remember the source. Anyone know of other sources for that teaching? Looking foward to the next parts.
  3. From http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/54129-jathedar-baba-joginder-singh-ji-buddha-dal/ Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! A short video message to Sikhs around the world from the Jathedar of Budha Dal, filmed by Sikh Channel crew at Hola Mohalla 2010: Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  4. ....if the sikh groups before singh sabha had been perfect it would have never arisen. Agreed. But that doesnt make Singh Sabha prefect. Singh Sabha cannot just be thought of as a movement (independence of Gurdwara etc) it was also a set of ideals, a philosophy, a set of theories etc.
  5. Caught the first half of the katha, it was great. There is more of Giani Sher Singhs katha available http://www.nihangsingh.org/website/mm-shereaudio.html
  6. There will be an Amrit Sanchar at Raqba in the evening on Vaisakhi day just like every other Sangrand. Baba Joginder Singh usually does seva in the Panj Pyarai.
  7. In reply to some of Das's points: The Panj Pyarai gave their heads physically in the first Amrit sanchar ceremony. Many Amrit sanchars took place afterwards and not once have I read that any Sikhs head was physically taken before taking amrit. Therefore, physically having your head cut off for an amrit sanchar is not tradition, it was a unique occurence and sacrafice by supreme souls to symbolically illustrate the surrenderence before the Guru. Its not a case of trying to mimic what the Guru's done, Maharaj didnt go hunting on their own, they took Sikhs with them and encouraged them to hunt. Nihang Singhs still go hunting, however I think its illegal in India. Also there are some sakhis of Baba Mitt Singh relating to lions in the jungles around the Godavari River.
  8. Neo Veer you wrote: Many nihang singhs beleive without parkash of sri dasam granth, amrit sanchar is invalid. That is very inaccurate.
  9. Have you read Chandi Di Var? If you had you would know it quite clearly starts 'Taihee Durga Saajkay Daita Da Nass Karraiya.' If people didnt have an agenda to push that would quite clearly be the end of discussion regarding who is praised in Chandi Di Var.
  10. http://www.panthic.org/audio_videos.php In the first recording on the left, Giani Sher Singh talks about the difference between scholars who study in the traditional sampradai and those who study in universities, noting the differences areas of emphasis and areas of study. Enjoy.
  11. baba santa singh mentions in this how chandi di var is to be recited.
  12. Because your campaign is defined by its stance on Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and thats what this whole issue is about, as I have said.
  13. As the Jathedar of Damdami Taksal whose pupose is the propogation of Gurbani and as an avid supporter of Dasam Bani and its parkash, the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib issue is relevant if you wish to use Sant Jarnail Singhs name. If you are using Sant Jarnail Singhs voice there as you feel that he is authoritive commentor on Sikh affiars, that you cannot dodge issue of Dasam Bani - its parkash and his comments saying those who do not believe in it are nasstik. We are looking at this in context, because the context is on the Nindia of Dasam Bani which Darshan Lal and his supporters have done. It is for this reason they have been kicked out of the Panth. So if you wish to use Sant Jarnail Singh in another one of your camps childish propoganda videos that his firm belief in reading and performing parkash of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji is entirely relevant. Everyone knows this, you guys are just making a mokery of yourselves.
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