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Sikh Insight & Heinous Crime !

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Krodh is derived from the Sanskrit word krodha, which means wrath or Rage. This is an emotion recognized in the Sikh system as a spring of conation and is as such counted as one of the Five Evils.

It expresses itself in several forms from silent sullenness to hysterical tantrums and violence. In Sikh Scripture krodh usually appears in combination with kam — as "kam krodh". The coalescence is not simply for the sake of alliterative effect. Krodh (ire) is the direct progeny of kam (desire). The latter when thwarted or jilted produces the former. The Scripture also counts krodh (or its synonym kop) among the four rivers of fire.

Violence, attachment, covetousness and wrath," says Guru Nanak "are like four rivers of fire; those who fall in them burn, and can swim across, O Nanak, only through God's grace" (GG, 147). Elsewhere he says, "Kam and krodh dissolve the body as borax melts gold" (GG, 932). Guru Arjan, Nanak V, censures krodh in these words: "O krodh, thou enslavest sinful men and then caperest around them like an ape."

In thy company men become base and are punished variously by Death's messengers. The Merciful God, the Eradicator of the sufferings of the humble, O Nanak, alone saveth all" (GG, 1358). Guru Ram Das, Nanak IV, warns: "Do not go near those who are possessed by wrath uncontrollable" (GG, 40). Krodh is to be vanquished and eradicated. This is done through humility and firm faith in the Divine.

Guru Arjan's prescription: "Do not be angry with any one; search your own self and live in the world with humility. Thus, O Nanak, you may go across (the ocean of existence) under God's grace" (GG, 259). Shaikh Farid, a thirteenth-century Muslim saint whose compositions are preserved in the Sikh Scripture, says in one of his couplets: "O Farid, do good to him who hath done thee evil and do not nurse anger in thy heart; no disease will then afflict thy body and all felicities shall be thine" (GG, 1381-82). Righteous indignation against evil, injustice and tyranny is, however, not to be equated with krodh as an undesirable passion. Several hymns in the Guru Granth Sahib, particularly those by Guru Nanak and Kabir, express in strong terms their disapproval of the corruption of their day.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krodh


Woman pleaded for help after being repeatedly knifed, trial told

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CBC News

A Surrey, B.C., woman lay in a pool of blood and gasped for help after being repeatedly stabbed, a murder trial in New Westminster heard Monday.

Navreet Waraich, 23, was stabbed 39 times in her basement suite in the Newton area on Oct. 29, 2006. She later died in hospital.

Her husband, Jatinder Waraich, is on trial charged with second-degree murder. The trial, which began Monday, is expected to last 10 days.

Shalinder Kaur Basran, a Crown witness, testified Monday that she rushed downstairs to the basement after hearing screams. Basran, the couple's landlord, lived upstairs.

Basran said when she saw Waraich lying in a pool of blood she was still alive.

"When I saw a lady on the floor and a lot of blood, I said, 'Jatinder, what did you do inside our home?'" Basran told the court.

"Jatinder said, 'She wanted to take away our son from me' … At the time the lady was alive and twice she said, 'Save me! Save me!'"

Basran told the court that she tried to pull Waraich back after he dropped a knife and was able to get him outside the suite.

Dilbag Singh Gill, the victim's father, told reporters outside the B.C. Supreme Court that it's been hard to deal with his young daughter's death.

"[My] daughter would have lived a long life and spent a lot of time with her son singing him songs and doing things a mother does with a son," Gill said through a translator.

Hero too late to save woman, B.C. court told

Mon Jun. 16 2008 20:43:24


The husband of a Surrey, B.C., woman, who was stabbed 39 times in her home in October 2006, faced a jury in the British Columbia Supreme Court in New Westminster, Monday.

Jatinder Waraich is charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of his wife Navreet Waraich, who died in front of the couple's infant son.

During testimony, the court heard chilling details about what lead up to her death.

A woman and her daughter who lived up stairs from the Waraich, told the court they heard screaming and yelling from the suite below, and a woman calling for help.

They banged on the door of the adjoining suite and when Jatiner opened it they saw Navreet laying on the kitchen floor, covered in blood.

Shalinder Basran ordered her daughter to call police, so she left the apartment. Shalinder had to confront Jatinder alone.

Testifying through an interpreter she said: "At that time the lady was alive and said save me, save me. Jatinder said I will kill her. He grabbed the knife and when he bent to stab with it to the lady, then I drag him back towards myself."

Shalinder says he dropped the knife, and she brought him outside and held him until police arrived. Today Navreet's father reacted to her story of bravery.

"I think she was a very brave woman..should have more women like that,'' he said

Despite the herioc efforts of Shalinder Basran and daughter Tajinder Basran, Narveet died of her injuries shortly after emergency crews arrived. The trial is expected to last another nine days.

With a report by CTV British Columbia's Julia Foy.


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This was probably one of the worst crimes in the Punjabi community in Canada. How can a human stab another human being 39 times? I can't even imagine doing this to an animal, yet this sorry excuse of a man does this to his wife. This type of man should be punished in the most painful way imaginable.

How would he like it if someone did this to his sister or daughter?

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Waraich found guilty of killing wife

Updated: Thu Jun. 26 2008 12:12:37


A man charged with murdering his wife in front of their infant son has been found guilty of second-degree murder.

The five women and seven men on the jury told the judge at New Westminster Supreme Court that they believed Jatinder Waraich murdered his wife Navreet Waraich.

If the jury had accepted Jatinder's story -- that he blacked out before he stabbed her to death -- the jury would have rendered a verdict of manslaughter.

During the nine-day trial, police recounted the gruesome discovery of Navreet's blood-stained body in October 2006.

She had been stabbed 39 times, and bled to death before she reached the hospital.

Jatinder Waraich was later charged with second degree murder.

Two neighbours also testified that they heard screaming and yelling coming from the suite below.

They banged on the door of the adjoining suite, and when Jatinder opened it, they told the court they saw Navreet laying on the kitchen floor, covered in blood.

Jatinder told the court that Navreet had threatened to leave him and take their infant son Brambeer away. The also pledged to teach the child to spit on his family's name.

Jatinder wept in the prisoner's box on Wednesday, and told the court he was provoked into stabbing her, and testified he remembers stabbing her only once.

A second-degree murder verdicts results in a life sentence with a chance of parole after a period from 10 to 25 years.

The jury has not yet made any recommendations about how much to sentence.

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It's not only in Canada that the Sikh community has such problems - it is common to see suicide amongst young Sikh mothers in the UK. Here is a another variant on twisted behaviour from a Sikh male:

Thug jailed for religious attack;




LENGTH: 355 words

A THUG who spat on and punched a woman in a racist attack at a Midland train station has been jailed for 14 months.

Harvinder Johal, from Moyses Croft, Smethwick, targeted the young Hindu as she waited at the station in Smethwick.

The 32 year-old Sikh has now been jailed after earlier pleading guilty to religiously aggravated common assault.

The case is believed to be only the second prosecution for a religiously aggravated crime in the Midlands.

Police sources say the woman was waiting for a train when Johal allegedly approached her and said he did not like Hindus.

Witnesses say the woman tried to ignore him and moved to sit next to a young Muslim woman, who was wearing traditional dress.

Johal is said to have followed her and launched into a tirade of derogatory remarks about Muslims.

These allegedly included an attack on British boxer Amir Khan - who is Muslim - and other remarks in which he stated he did not like Muslims "because they blow up trains".

Sources say that Johal then spat in the Hindu woman's face. She retaliated by slapping him and he then punched her in the face.

The defendant was sentenced to 14 months in prison during a hearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court on June 4, after earlier pleading guilty to the charge at Warley Magistrates Court.

He was also handed a three-year Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order banning him from Smethwick Galton Bridge railway station.

Racist crime in England and Wales has reached record levels, prompting fears of an outbreak of Islamophobia sparked by the war on terror.

The number of racist incidents recorded by police in 2006 rose four per cent to 60,407, though the Government says this is only a fraction of those that have occurred.

Racially or religiously aggravated offences rose by 12 per cent to 41,382.

In November last year, a Black Country accountant was also jailed after accusing a Muslim student in traditional dress of being a terrorist.

Brian Frisby abused and harassed the 18 year-old student, including telling her to "go home to Pakistan".

The married dad, from Oak Crescent in Tividale, near Dudley, was jailed for nine months.

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