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Images of protest held on 21 june 2008 against ramraheem

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please visit below link, u need not be registered to visit below.


u can download all photos in one rar file from below link



if possible please post in other forums too like http://www.akj.org , etc ,etc

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Well if you look at it from the perspective of the Maratha people then Sikhs are going out of line in Bombay. In Bombay Sikhs are doing alot of Phasaad like throwing rocks at trains forcing stores to be closed. From the Maratha perpective, they are thinking who are these outsiders do cause damage in our territory. If Sikhs got a problem with Sacha Souda cult then they should take it up with them instead of causing trouble for the ordinary person in Bombay who has nothing to do with Sacha Souda.

I did not see his threat as a repeat of 84 carnage against Sikhs. He is reminding Sikhs that the only reason why the Congress was not able to carry out slaughter of Sikhs in Maharashtra was because Shiv Seniks did not allow them to do it. It's similar to how the communists did not allow the Congress Gundaas to carry out riots against Sikhs in Bengal state.

Personally I think Sikhs need to direct their violence against the Sacha Souda directly instead of involving people who have nothing to do with Sacha Souda. Last year Sikhs took it directly to Sacha Souda and the whole of India was sympathetic to Sikhs. If we take our anger out on the wrong people we will just end up losing our moral high ground.

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waheguru ji kha khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh.

Has any one watched this film?

I was given a film in the southall area a little while ago. It was the most powerfullest sikh film that i have ever seen.The film was called sawa lakh se ek ladaun . I did not watch this film once nor twice but 4 times the film is constructed in such a way that by watching the film it leaves you shocked at what is really going on in the sikh world.you cant but just help to watch it again and again. The film is availible in punjabi and english.The level of effort which has been poured into this film is amazing.there is also a 1 hour and half speach in the programme which is something quite diffrent to what i have evere heard before it is stromg to the point and true. drugs, superstition, punjab , false saints, rss ,rhada swami, ram raheem ashootosh have been highlighted in this film. The film is about 5 hours long the (english) 1 dvd. Punjabi version has 2 dvds which has xtra added scenes at the end. the english version does not come with xtra addes scenes so you have to watch the punjabi version to see the xtra footage. I strongly advise people to watch the punjabi version as well as it has some scenes which definatly need to be viewed. It is about time some 1 got up and done something positive. The organisation also does not ask for any money donation this is the 1st time i have ever seen this at a scale of this size. You can see that this film has been made from the heart. You can obtain a copy by visiting www.ukgurdwarasurveyteam.com

waheguru ji kha khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh.

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