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if you learn as part of a santhia class, doing santhiya of sri guru granth sahib in lareedaar usually takes somewhere around 2 and a half - 3 years. It can go slower or faster depending on the skill of the vidyarthees and the ustaad.

If you have no access to a santhiya class I would suggest using the bhindran taksal santhiya files that can be found on either gurmatveechar.com or damdamitaksaal.com and follow along with a larreedaar pothi. After you follow along 2-3 angs, read those angs around 25 times and then listen to the paath of those angs again and try to correct and mistakes you are making. Obviously this isnt the preferred way to learn, but it is better than nothing. Picking up on jamkees from the MP3 recordings is also very difficult.

A good way to start reading larreedaar would be to get a panj granthi pothi and first learn to read that, as the banis in panj granthi aren't too difficult.

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