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Naam Japna

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Hi all!

Hope you are all weel. I know i have asked this question before, but, i would like to know. if i woke early in the morning and did naap japna, not my nitnem, would that be ok? I have read that the essance of sikhi is to jaap naam. i know we have baani's written by our guru's but isnt sikhi all about getting engrossed within naam?

Thanks a million!


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Nitnem and simran is mandetory for 'Singhs'

Other than that - 'Sikhs' follow whatever their respective Gurdev instructs or follow their own intelligence and understanding of Gurbani. Sat-Guru of course instructs all insaaniyat to naam simran, sing kirtan.... but people are free to make up their own minds - greater the effort, greater the reward - the greatest effort being that which Sat-Guru himself gives instruction for.

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