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using Gurbani to attract someone ???


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My friend has posed me this question which is kinda weird but here it goes :

Can we do path of gurbani in order to generate power for attracting someone from the opposite sex? He says he doesn't indulge in any bad thoughts nor does he want to have any physical relation with her , he just wants to feel attraction for him .. he says he might marry her if it works out okay, she is a white girl

i feel like stupid posting this question here but anyways i did, my viewpoint is that whole idea of reading Gurbani is to break free from all kinds of relations with maya , but his argument is that since we can do paths to ask for wealth, money , career, success , sons etc etc Why can't we ask for a love from someone ? and he also mentions this pankti " ghar ki geehan changi jan dhanna leve mangi " that if bhagt dhanna could ask for a good wife why cant we ?

so please lets hear your thoughts!

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