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'Vhat' ke chapper mari

Is it any surprise that majority of the Nihangs will consider Dasam Granth as Dasam Patshah Gurbani. How else would they justify;

1. Not having a family life like Gurbani requires a Sikh to have. These guys run around like nomads when it is not necessary in todayès times. Gurbani (page 281) says : grihasath mehi soee nirabaan ||

2. Not using drugs (which they proudly call Mahanparsad) and openly drink Bhang,especially on Vaisakhi day. Gurbani (page 1377) says: kabeer bhaa(n)g maashhulee suraa paan jo jo praanee khaa(n)hi || theerathh barath naem keeeae thae sabhai rasaathal jaa(n)hi ||233||

3. Not getting a full time job (Remember Kirt Karna is a pillar of Sikhism) Gurbani (page 1245) syas: ghaal khaae kishh hathhahu dhaee ||

naanak raahu pashhaanehi saee ||1|

4. Not get education. Wow ! no wonder the head of Tarna Dal took his Jatha and was pictured bowing to Bhanyre Wala Sadh. The head along with Amritdhari bibi presnted a Golden Kalgi to that papi and even installed on his hat. The whole thing was published in Punjab Gurdian online edition about 18 months ago. Yet they believe in Dasam Granth, according to which even Gobind Rai was taught wordly education. You can see the respect that these guys earn from an ordinary citizen compared to the respect Dr. Manmohan Singh ji.s, Motaek Singh and Dr. Manohar Singh Gillès worldly education has restored for Sikhism worldwide|



Traditional Goodbye


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1. Sri Dasam Granth is Guru Ji's Bani. Grihst jeevan is not compulsory! Which of the 5 pyare were grihst?

2. Mahaparshad is something else, I think you mean Sukha, which is as intoxicating as a Paracetemol - 5 tiny leaves in a bata. It is true that some people abuse this and add five handfuls instead. This has nothing to do with Dasam Bani.

3. They have dedicated their lives to Simran, learning and spreading Bani and the Sikh traditions. The best job in the world.

4.There are PhDs who are Nihang Singhs. Many Nihangs know Guru Sahib by heart. THE HEAD OF TARNA DAL DID NO SUCH THING!! Resort to nindya, just like kala afghana and his stooges.

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