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Nawe saal diyaan vadhaiyaan

Mehtab Singh

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Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Basant on Ang 1168

qyry siT sMbq siB qIrQw ]

thaerae sat(h) sa(n)bath sabh theerathhaa ||

The cycles of years and the places of pilgrimage are Yours, O Lord.

qyrw scu nwmu prmysrw ]

thaeraa sach naam paramaesaraa ||

Your Name is True, O Transcendent Lord God.

qyrI giq Aivgiq nhI jwxIAY ]

thaeree gath avigath nehee jaaneeai ||

Your State cannot be known, O Eternal, Unchanging Lord God.

Axjwxq nwmu vKwxIAY ]3]

anajaanath naam vakhaaneeai ||3||

Although You are unknown, still we chant Your Name. ||3||

May SatGuru Jee do His bakshish on all of you, and may everyone of you have a happy, successful, prosperous, blissful, healthy and rewarding new year!

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