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Is an animal Bahadur or is the Jeev Bahadur....?


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I've seen the Lioness video, it's remarkable.

My point here was, most herbivores give up the fight when a Lion/ess has its jaws around their throat. That this young zebra fought back with such ferocity as to bite the lion in/near the face and then get on top of it and nearly drown it, is very rare indeed. It just lead me to think, we traditionally have a stereotypical character attribute for all members of the animal kingdom, and although this is true to an extent, individual animals who break the mould always amaze me. When I was young, I used to have a rabbit which used to chase cats and taught my German Sherpard a lesson he would never forget by biting him on his nose and scaring him for life!!

It's funny how true this is of people to, only the truely remarkable gem in a group/tribe - breaks away and becomes distinguished from the stereotyped crowd....

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Again, I disagree, but, also again, probably 'cuz I grew up in Southern Africa. Our most dangerous animals are herbivores, not to say it's valiance is not inspiring.

However I do agree with your point about conforming to stereotypes, the animal is clearly not the pushover people 'outside the loop' are led to believe. The real danger with regards to humans is that they know the stereotypes about themselves and start conforming to them.

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