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New Udasi websites


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Here are some newer Udasin related websites.


Swami Gurusharan Das Ji is a descendent of the Bhakat Bhagvan lineage.


Swami Pranavanand Ji lineage of Udasis.


disciple of Swami Madhavanand Ji Udasin


You can see why I think we should be cautious when making any categorical statements about the nature of Udasis over the last century.

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And another one...


Swami Gangeshvaranand Ji is considered by many to have been among last century's great saints. His influence is far reaching, with many ashrams established. The article on the Udasin parampra on this website is very interesting for its post-Singh Sabha reconstruction of Udasi origins. Even the origin of the various 'bakshish'-s are removed of association with the Guru Sahiban.

While there are still Udasis, generally more in Punjab, who are very much oriented to Gurmat, others have wholly integrated into the hindu mainstream. May I add that I am no expert on the Udasis and my opinions are based only on what little I've read, the numerous ashrams I've visited, and the handful of Udasis that I have met over the years. The samprdaya is, and was by all counts, vast and very diverse.

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