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Dera Suitation In The Panth?

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Sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale was causally speaking on this topic. He said Islam have 72 sects and are totally divided. We are also getting there. In punjab, there are dera's on each corner like hatti di dukhan. Even samparda's are not immune from this, they have also fell prey dividing themselves into many fragments within the samparda. He further said now days, no one wants to be sevadar but mukh sevadar.

All this is bound to happen as kalyug doesn't spare anymore as people of all religions most of them have became adharami, jealous towards each other, have insecurities, big up their sects/orders over others, brainwash youths etc etc.

My personal take on this, one should not be overly-attached with their samparda but main aim should be always reflecting on the tat gyan of gurmat/gurbani decipher by various school of thoughts/orders/samparda's.

Whats the sangat view on this?

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I agree 100%. The biggest problem the Panth faces today is 'personality worship' and tribal mentality.

People put the views and practices of their idols (Sants etc) and/or group (Sampryada/Jathaa) above all other differing opinions, to the extent that they verbally abuse other streams of thought.

Greed, Pride and Anger have diminished the glory and sense of the Panth.

People need to learn to see the bigger picture - and stop being so arrogant because they think they belong to better group than everyone else.

Focus should be made on that which unites, rather than that which divides - on top of that, authentic, modern, etc views should not be supressed, issues should be discussed in open and in a civilised manner. A conclusion does not need to be reached, the aim should simply be for both sides to be able to fairly express their views - and people should be left to make up their own mind.

There is a lot of information out there, which is being horded. One thing that would make a huge difference would be for those that are keeping private collections of granths, steeks etc to share them and let everything that exists be digitised and made available to all. This single step would empower the youth with knowledge and equip them to strongly argue against fallacies (with evidence).

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I also agree shaheediyan veer ji. I don't think knee jerk reactions or passing fatwas against anti-Sikh writers is a way to go. They should be debated scholarly and beaten. Passing fatwas/summoning them without any scholarly debate only open doors to curiosity of regular joe blow people like us, its like rebellion mentality of kids, you tell the kids - not to do certain things or follow certain behavior without putting satisfying answers or reason, they do it more because they are curious and our human instinct have rebellious mentality.

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