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Questions On 84 And Astrology


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Dear Sangat,


I have been recently thinking about the 1984/85 events that happened to our people. I used to be able to read and see the pictures of the event but find I cannot even look at them or read the stories of what has happened anymore - do any of you feel this way? I feel such a deep pain and despair that leaves me depressed and shattered for many days......sometimes I can't function, thinking over and over about the human condition and what has happened to those people? I can't read our history anymore. I am not sure why...................

The question comes to me time and time again: why has all this has happened and why does it repeat itself so much in our history? Why are so many people always against us?

I think of the for example women who were raped and survived - do we really think that they will have faith in God after going through such a difficult time? Will they not ask themselves where was God when I was being raped and I cried out for his help? They have become permanently damaged and scared. On top of that our people have not helped them and basically ignored what they went through. How can these people heal and trust in a country or society on the whole? I don't know how they pass there days after going through such a thing........there is no life left to live and I doubt very much they have turned to Sikhi after such a thing.

Or is the problem us as a Sikh Nation? Have we gone astray from our path and we needed a wake up call? The thing is did we really wake up - from the looks of it I would say no. Rather more people turned away from Sikhi then embraced it after this.

How could the mobsters loose there mind and do such a thing to innocent people? It makes you think that people are just waiting for a chance to lash out at anybody if given the chance. What has happened to peoples thinking? Who were the actual people who did these acts? Were they poor and frustrated, how did the gov't motivate people to act in such a way on such short notice? How could they bring themselves to do such things?

Was this whole act a play of karma? Was everybody affected going to receive it anyway?

When I travel to India though, I always get the feeling the larger population doesn't like Sikhs......for those who have lived there is this the case?

Pls provide some help/solace to my aching heart....................

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I was discussing with a friend of mine my fianacial/family problems. He was Gursikh and suggested to me to visit an astrologer to get a remedy of the problem.

I was quick to say that we only ask Guru for help and what can an astrologer do for me?

He raised the point that like when we are sick we go to the dr or when the car is broken to a mechanic or when we need cloths we go to a store, the same way is an astrologer. Just a person who can find a remedy to a your problem. He further explained that astrology is not based on any religion, rather scientific alignment of the planets. It applies to everybody regardless of there faith. Rather it doesn't go against our Guru teachings. It the same as going to the dr, does that go against the Guru's teachings? He also says that most people don' t really know anything about astrology - they assume it is Hindu pooja mumbo jumbo. But it is science just like medicine, engineering and others. He also notes it was during the Singh Sabha movment that Sikhs started to think this way............but only the hardcore ones mainstream he says still go to astrologers.

He also says that Gurbanee is the way to your soul and it doesn't have anything to do with material things (dhandaa - wordly affairs), it's all about reaching the soul and God. We use Banee ot get out material things, but we have twisted the meaning the shabads. For Ex:

"Thir Gar Basoe Harjan Piarai, Satgur Tumrai Kaaj Savarai"

The "Kaaj" or work referenced here is not wordly but spiritual progress (i.e bhagtee)

But Sikhs have twisted the meaning and started to apply them to wordly gains. Therefore our Panth has become commercial not spiritual hence our problems.........

Basically he is saying that go to the right person for the right thing........if you are sick you don't solely pray you go to the dr etc, etc. In the begining and end a prayer is made to God for blessings.

Now me being in the distraught/damaged/hopeless state that I am got me thinking. Is what he is saying correct. Pls let me know.............

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I'll answer quest 2 first. Guru Ji is samrath and is the only one we should ask from. What will the astrologer do for you that Guru Ji can't? Also, it's hardly a science and has never been proven to work. Read more Bani or listen to katha to increase your faith and prem for Maharaj ji. SARAB Rog Ka Aukhad Naam. Read Chaupai Sahib - it makes it clear that Guru Ji provides materially as well.

Regarding question 1- I think the events of 1984 have brought more people into Sikhi than any other recent event, especially in the West. Whenever a minority begins to ask for its rights and for equal treatment, those in power seek to stop them from changing the status quo. In most cases, people back down but Singhs being Singhs, we are ready to die for what is right.

Don't take this the wrong way, but you really need to listen to good katha and read bani, and then do what it says.

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astrology can give us indications of events that are likely to happen in the future, however the future is not set in stone. in the past, young children would be taken to astrologer who would use it to determine any major life obstacles the child might face. then, they would know that they would need to do lots of paath/simran to reduce or eliminate these obstacles.

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