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The Anti-gurmat Writers At Spn (sikh Philosophy Network)

Only five

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Watch out for these guys and I will even go to the extent of saying don't believe a word they say.

Randip Singh


bhagat singh

vsgrewal48895-Virinder Singh Grewal, good associate of Dr Pashaura Singh


Just making people aware of these guys.

If you take a look at SPN, one thing is visible. They will do anything to keep a discussion going even if that means giving wrong information and hurting Sikhi values. Also the Admin will favor the mentor and mods no matter what just to keep the person's status high and of the site. The mentor's and mods represent that site. Truely following a Brahmin practice

I will continue updating this topic as more information comes back to me.

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It appears you have issues with above individuals. Can we request you take it over the pm? We will not tolerate one liner bold attacks against anyone. So this topic is locked.

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