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Details For Over 130 Ebooks On Islamic Religion, Society And Culture


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It's a torrent file. I don't think you need to be a member to download.

Here's the list of titles:

Anglo-Saxon Perceptions of the Islamic World

Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam

Discovering Islam - Making sense of Muslim History & Society

Global Civilization: A Buddhist - Islamic Dialogue

Islam in the Digital Age

Islam in World Cultures

Islam; Past, Present & Future

Islam; The Key Concepts

Islam & Muslims: A Guide to Diverse Experience in a Modern World

Islam & Human Rights in Practice

Islam Obscured

Islam vs. Islamism

Islamic Faith in America

Journey into Islam; The Crisis of Globalization

Knowledge Triumphant: The Concept of Knowledge in Medieval Islam

Muslim Cultures Today: A Reference Guide

Passing on the Faith

Sacred Space and Holy War

Science & Islam

Sufism - A Beginners Guide

The 'West', Islam and Islamism

The Far Enemy - Why Jihad Went Global

The Many Faces of Islam

The Mosque - The Heart of Submission

The Rights of God - Islam, Human Rights, and Comparative Ethics

The Rights of Women in Islam

The Idea of Women Under Fundamentalist Islam

Tolerance and Coercion in Islam

The Sum of All Heresies

Western Muslims & the Future of Islam

Western Views of Islam in Medieval & Early Modern Europe

Women & Islam in Early Modern English Literature

Asian Islam in the 21st Century

Between Cross & Crescent - Christian & Muslim Perspectives on Malcolm and Martin

Forbidding is Wrong in Islam

Islam in Europe - Diversity, Identity and Influence

Muslim Networks - From Hajj to Hip Hop

Religious Minorities in Iran

The Art and Architecture of Islamic Cairo

The Wahhabi Mission and Saudi Arabia

Interest in Islamic Economics

Islamic Finance - Law, Economics, and Practice

Islamic Economics - A Short History

A Faithful Sea - The Religious Cultures of the Mediterranean, 1200-1700

A Reader on Classical Islam

Arab Dress - From the Dawn of Islam to Modern Times

Conversion to Islam in the Balkans

Empire and Elites after the Muslim Conquest

Islam at War - A History

Islam - An Historical Introduction

Islam - Historical, Social and Political Perspectives

Islam - It's History, Teachings, and Practices

Islam - Religion, History and Civilization

A Concise Encyclopedia of Islam

Religions of the World - Islam

Jihad in Islamic History

Jihad - The Origins of Holy War in Islam

Justice, Punishment, and the Medieval Muslim Imagination

Marriage, Money and Divorce in Medieval Islamic Society


Mekka in the Latter Part of the 19th Century

Muslims - Their religious beliefs and practices

Papyrology and the history of early Islamic Egypt

Reformation of Islamic Thought

Sanctity and mysticism in medieval Egypt

Sufism The formative period


The First Muslims - History and Memory

The Birth of the Prophet Muhammad - Devotional piety in Sunni Islam

The Forgotten Queens of Islam

The Formation of Islam - Religion and Society in the Near East, 600–1800

The Ism¯aë¯ıl¯ıs - Their History and Doctrines


The Sources of Islam - A Persian Treatise

TILL GOD INHERITS THE EARTH - Islamic Pious Endowments in al-Andalus (9-15th Centuries)

The Social Origins ofIslam - mind, economy, discourse

Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law


Shari‘ah Law: An Introduction


Great Medieval Thinkers: al-kindı¯

An Introduction to Medieval Islamic Philosophy

Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought

Ideas, images, and methods of portrayal : insights into classical Arabic literature and Islam

Islamic Humanism

Islamic Liberation Theology

Islamic Philosophy A-Z


Key Concepts in Early Eastern Philosophy

Medieval Islamic Philosophic Writings

Muslim Ethics

scripturalist Islam

The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy

The Heart of Islamic Philosophy

The Muslims Belief

The Teleological Ethics of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi

The Worlds Religions - Islam

Voices of Islam

Between Islam and the State

Contesting the Saudi State

In the Path of God

Democracy In Islam

Islamic Leviathan - Islam and the Making of State Power

Islam and Violence in the Modern Era

Islamic Political Identity in Turkey

Managing Politics & Islam in Indonesia

On Suicide Bombing

Radical Islam and International Security

Religion and State

The Future of Political Islam

The Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam

Al-Ghazali and the Qur'an

An Index To The Qur'an

Authority, Continuity, and Change in Islamic Law

Classical Islam

Encyclopedia of Quran (Volumes I-VI)

Interpreting Islam

Interpreting the Qur'an

Judaism and Islam in Practice

Quran and the Secular Mind

The Qur'an in Its Historical Context

The Qur'an - An Introduction

The Qur'an - An Encyclopedia

The Making of a Forefather

Quran and the Secular Mind

The Bible in Arab Christianity

The Blackwell Companion to the Qur'an

The Cambridge Companion to the Quran

The Coran - It's Composition & Teaching

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navjot bhaaji, please don't be harsh in your judgment. This is Islamic section of the forum under Other faith and philosophies, to suggest anyone post educational stuff on other religion in this case- Islam automatically they want to be muslim is gross misinterpretation.

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i recognise your bizarre username from tapoban. i knew you lot were a bunch of 'wanttobe' muslims, now its confirmed

Hilarious. I happened to run across these books and thought that I'd post them here, as many people have interest in studying religion for the sake of studying religion.

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