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Surat Shabd Yoga?

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The stated purpose of Surat Shabda Yoga is to realize the individual's True Self (Self-Realization), True Essence (Spirit-Realization) and True Divinity (God-Realization) while living in the humanphysical body. This Journey of Soul involves reuniting in stages with what is called the Essence of the Absolute Supreme Being, the Shabd. Attaining self-realization and above also results in jivan moksha/mukti, liberation/release from samsara, the cycle of karmaand reincarnationwhile in the physical body. Initiationby an Outer Living Satguru(Sat - true, Guru- teacher) is required, and involves reactivating the Shabd and stationing the Inner Shabda Master (the Radiant Form of the Master) at the third eye(tisra til) chakra. The spiritual exercises (sadhanas) include simran(repetition, particularly silent repetition of a mantragiven at initiation), dhyan (concentration, viewing, or contemplation, particularly on the Inner Master), and bhajan(listening to the inner sounds of the Shabda or the Shabda Master).

1) Did the original Radha Soami Guru preach this?

2) Has the the Sikh sect Radha Soami Beas copied this from Guru Granth Sahib?

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Sar Bachan of Swami Ji Maharaj - The soul or spirit is known as Surat or Ruh. It has descended from the highest region, that is, the regions of Sat Nam and Radhasoami, and has taken location in this body. It has got enmeshed here in the mind, the three Gunas (attributes), five Tattwas (original conditions of matter), ten Indriyas (senses and organs) etc. and so tight are the bondages of the body and things connected therewith that it has become difficult for it to extricate itself.

Radha Soami Beas founded by Baba Jaimal Singh - The Masters of the Surat Shabd Yoga over the last century are referred to as Sant, Satguru, Param Sant, and Perfect Living Master.

Satguru means "True Light Giver." Param Sant means a "Saint from the Beyond."

These terms describe an exceptional spiritual adapt in meditation who is competent to guide the soul through the many subtle planes of existence to the highest spiritual realm named "Anami Lok, which means "Nameless Abode," where all sound, light, consciousness, bliss, and creation have their eternal source.

The Shabd is the transcendent power which is believed to be the creative and sustaining force of the universe. It is also known as the "Audible Life Stream", the "Music of the Spheres", or God, all the religions mention it by different names. In the Bible it is called the Word; "In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

After initiation by a competent Master in meditation our soul will experience this "Audible Life force", as inner-light and inner-sound and tune itself to it, to God: to become one with God's will.

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The original Radhasoamis are only in Agra. The beas sect is a fraud. The Radhaswamis in Agra do not claim lineage from Sikh Gurus neither do they quote Gurbanis as the beas sect does. In fact the beas sect even has changed the naam given by the Radhaswamis. The Agra Radhaswamis get naam and do simran on the Mantra "Radhasoami' while the beas sect in trying to create a seperate dera decided to change the naam into a 5 worded mantra. Their first Guru, Jaimal was a liar and a cheat, and so was his chela sawan who succeeded him. It was only after Chacha ji (Saligram) died that Sawan had the guts to finally proclaim himself as Satguru.

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