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Video : Prof Darshan Singh Engages In Guru Nindya

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Here is a series of videos of TV discussion on JUS Punjabi TV wherein Darshan singh is exposed for doing Guru ninda


Video Of Tv Discussion: Prof Darshan Singh Engages In Guru Nindya

Crossing all limits of blasphemy controversial ragi Prof Darshan Singh concocts a fictitious story and uses derogatory language for Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib and his personality.

Darshan Singh says "Guru Sahib went to a prostitute and the prostitute tried to lure him. Guru Sahib thought if he establishes relationship with her then the one who will be born out of that relationship will be called a bastar* and if he doesnt establish a relationship then she will get him beat-up by the public by shouting 'thief thief'....Guru Sahib leaves his slippers and robe and starts running. He is caught by the public who starts beating him up. Someone gets hold of Guru Sahib's beard and someone removes his turban and starts hurling slippers on Guru Sahib's head"

No such story with the words used by Darshan Singh appears in any book/scripture of the world!

In a LIVE programme JUS Punjabi TV, New York discusses this issue



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He has been brainwashed by "Kala Afghana" group totally. I think Sri Dasam Granth scholars should sit with him and explain to him the real meaning of Sri Dasam Granth. I think at this age he can be used by "Anti-Sikh" powers easily. I believe that most not all Sikh Missionary people are just too good at nit-picking such as this. It is very painful to see a person of Bhai Darshan Singh Khalsa's caliber going downhill and ruining his image while being used by others.

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Dr Jodh singh balsts Ragi darshan singh on his balsphemy



I have gone through your e-mail and specifically Prof. Darshan Singh's explanation of the 21st Story of Charitropakhyan in the Dasam Granth. The story teller no where mentions the name of Guru Gobind Singh. The minister of the king is telling the story of some wealthy lady of a moneyed person who has gone mad in the so-called lust for the other wealthier person who is also a pretty moneyed man. He is taken to that lady who tries to seduce him with her actions and offers of bodily pleasure. The man refuses and tries to convince her that such improper relationship is not desired to be made by anyone. He rather quotes many examples from ancient Indian history and folklore. He gives the examples of Inder, Chander, Ravan, Kauravs, who all perished because of this lust. However she was bent upon fulfilling her lust but the person before her never relented. She raises the shouts of 'thief, thief' listening which people gathered and the Raja (wealthy person) ran away. The wealthy person was surrounded and that wealthy lady started crying "brother, brother" to which people understood that her brother was the thief. They got hold of him and beaten him hollow. He was sent to Jail and ultimately that lady consumed by passion and lust also had to go to sleep. Thus that Raja like wealthy person came to his residence and the brother of that passionate lady was sent behind bars. Nobody could understand the mystery and her brother was taken as a thief. How Darshan Singh has explained that wealthy person as Guru Gobind Singh only he knows and whom he is telling the prostitute God knows. Nowhere in the text, word bharua has been used. Nowhere the word Vesva has been used in this story 21-23 of Charitropakhyan.

The Raja was that wealthy person who has been shown as beaten and not the Guru or such person. If we accept this story in toto then as is given in the beginning one will have to accept Guru Gobind Singh as a follower of Tantar Mantar and the Goddess Bhagwati which is far far away from his ideology and life style. Darshan Singh has already exposed himself before the Sikh Sangat who very well knows that for whole his earlier life Darshan Singh was minting money by singing the bani of complete Dasam Granth and now since going against the Dasam Granth is giving him lot of money he is against it. Here in India we know many scholars who have changed their loyalty when the blow of the wind and sometime they rejected the authorship of Dasam Granth and soon after with they got some money from some Sant they readily accepted Guru Gobind Singh as the author of Dasam Granth.

However I want to add one thing more that this from Story No.21 the Sikh Panth has picked up the one deadliest breeches (bajjar kurahit) of the prohibition of sexual relationship with other than one's own spouse.

With deep regards,

Yours sincerely,

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