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  1. Hello, Let's solve our own issue. The Gangu issue is a mystery. People are divided on this now as more research is coming out. The main issue in accepting Gangu as Brahmin and house cook of Guru Gobind Singh will question the status of our own Guru. Had he appointed Brahmin to serve food to his family? Here is how it goes: 1. Gangu was Brahmin so blame all Brahmins. 2. Rama Randhawa/ Prakash Singh Badal are/were Jats so blame all Jats. 3. Giani Jail Singh was Takhaan/Ramgaria so blame all Tarkhans of UK/India 4. Chandu was Khatri so blame all Khatris. Our log
  2. Good analysis! http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/articles/id/spiritualresearch/spiritualscience/afterdeath
  3. You can buy a paint strainer bag that works very well. Also, everyone has the taste and I like it raw. I believe people don't recommend roasted ones because of bad oils. You should be fine with extra virgin olive oil.
  4. I like to soak them and in the morning just eat them by peeling off their skins. This is so tasty and very healthy. Raw is the best way to eat or make "Nut Milk" and drink it. I don't know what to say about roasted ones, they might be good for the taste but not for health...
  5. http://www.mapi.com/ayurveda_health_care/newsletters/ayurveda_almonds.html
  6. PJS, people won' take pain to get it unless they see it

  7. Khalsa Ji, Do you have Sri Dasam Granth Darpan by Bhai Harbans Singh of Chandigarh? It was written to refute Giani Bhag Singh of Ambala. If you do, can you please upload it as well? We are becoming greedy now...
  8. Khalsa Ji, You are doing a great job. I tried to use your method but failed. The pictures do not come crisp and it's very hard to focus. Can you take the picture of your setup and post it here? Because pages do not stay and need to be pressed with thumb while taking pictures.
  9. I believe someone deleted it from that site. I hope someone will scan it. It can be ordered from http://www.csjs.com/default.htm easily.
  10. Few pages in zip format from Shardaa Pooran Granth. Someone can work on these and crop to make them look good. Link not working anymore....
  11. This will be a great service to offer this text in PDF format online. You can open an account and upload to http://www.4shared.com/ .. You get 10 gig of space for free. Just keep your account's information in your signature.
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