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Bnp Exposed - The Secret Sting Operation


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That's old news. That was the programme where Nick Griffin was filmed referring to Islam as a vicious and wicked faith and charged with incitement to racial hatred. He was cleared of these charges by a jury a year later. This was also the time that the BBC postphoned a documentary on Muslim men grooming unage white girls in some northern towns because it would give political mileage to the BNP.

The problem with the BNP is that it claims to be only against the Islamisation of Britian but it is still a racist party using Islam as a way to bypass the anti-racism legislation. What Britain needs is someone like Geert Wilders rather that an repackaged skinhead like Griffin.

Here is an interview of Lord Pearson who was the one who invited Geert Wilders to the UK in February. He makes some interesting observations-;


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