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BhaiSukhSingh Ji

Why have a petition ?

Why not ask them if they would action your request ?

If they are refusing , ask them why ?

i wouldnt be doing a petition if i hadent bruv ive asked left messages never had an answer also many opthers have and the same has been done also peopel take speechs down to studio nd they just said they couldnt uneed to speak to owner they arrange a meeting with him and he never shows

but i hope whilst u was asking this question u was signing the petition

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Bhaisukasingh Ji

dont get me wrong here , I would like to help you out , if you list exactly what you would like to show on the Sikh Channel , ( i.e. content , message etc..) , plus who has vetted the speaches). and i'll contact the channel and ask them.

The reason for the above is that when broadcasting , you have to be careful in what material is being shown , as there are people out there whose aim is to knit pick and any ( i'm not saying it is) agenda which is political, against others etc.. etc.. then they inform ofcom with a complaint , which have to be investigated and could result in closure of the channel . It has happened in the past where minority of people have issued complaints , hence ofcom have to investigate , which causes all sorts of problems.

Also if you list the other material that has been sent to the Sikh Channel , we can ask them that also.

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If you have contacts at Sikh Channel, then great, go for it.

However, it will take you less than 2 minutes to sign the petition. If you've ever heard Sant Ji's speeches, you'll know that there isn't anything objectionable in them - and part of the reason for wanting them aired on TV is to show people the truth. Everything they spoke about back then is still relevant today.

Ofcom would not have a problem at all. There's still freedom of speech in the UK last I checked.

The Sikh Channel are trying to please everyone, as shown by the fuss they made about showing the Dasam Granth bhog, which had already been paid for. The channel is funded through the Sangat, so they should in turn honour requests from the Sangat. Enough signatures on the petition will show that people do want the speeches aired.

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Its not about whether I have contact with the sikh channel , the channel as they have mentioned is a community interest channel ( for the public) so anyone should have the same right as the next person

Sorry for my ignorance , I have heard only a couple of lines of some speeches and are very informative , but we still have to be careful. If there are people who can be referred back to if questions are asked or someone / thing makes objections and are prepared to come forward and answer them without any hestitation.

I dont think the Sikh Channel are trying to please everyone , its the rules if x amount of people make complaints they have to be looked into and investigated. Say for example you get enough signatures for the petition , then you get the same amount of complaints , then what ? There are people out there who want the channel closed , and would do anything to close it.

Its like the Bhog of Dasam Granth , people made complaints ( who dealt with these complaints ?), but I still believe there should be a program on the sikh channel to discuss the issues, same with SAnt Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale speeches , before they are aired , have a talk show explaining to the sangat about the life and mission of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale , see the reponse , then properly air the speeches with translations and discussion , just airing them I think is not enough, again who will be willing to control this .

I personally think it would be good sangat will gain alot from it and gain inspiration , we have to work together , be smart rather than opposing them , as it is very easy to make complaints but very hard to come forward and , work together

PS;- I will mention it to the Sikh Channel

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