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Bnp Teachers Are Officially 'okayed' In The Uk


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BNP teachers 'will not be banned'

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 12 March 2010

A review says teachers should not be banned from joining political parties such as the British National Party or any other group that may promote racism and intolerance.

A report from the former chief inspector of schools concluded that barring school workers from membership of non-proscribed groups or political parties would be a "disproportionate response" and a "profound political act".

Maurice Smith, who was tasked with investigating the problem of racism within schools, said such action would constitute "taking a very large sledgehammer to crack a minuscule nut".

The review came after a number of teachers were found to be members of the BNP in a leaked list.

Mr Smith noted that only four teachers and two governors had been identified as members of the party during the last seven years, while nine teachers had been subject to disciplinary sanction.

And he acknowledged that another 15 people had identified themselves as teachers on the leaked list of BNP members but said there was no way of substantiating the apparent declarations.

Speaking at the Department for Children, Schools and Families in central London Mr Smith acknowledged that measures already in place were sufficient to "mitigate the risk" although he said that some could be improved.

Closing a gap between "policy on the shelf and practice in the classroom" was recommended to Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

Mr Smith said: "I do not believe that barring teachers or other members of the wider school workforce from membership of legitimate organisations which may promote racism is necessary at present, although it should be kept under active review.

"In my analysis it would be a disproportionate response, taking a very large sledgehammer to crack a minuscule nut."

And he said there was currently "insufficient evidence of risk" to justify a ban on teachers joining organisations like the BNP.

The BNP leader Nick Griffin welcomed the report saying all teachers should keep their politics strictly separate from the classroom.

He added: "Several cases have come to light in recent times where left-wing teachers have been exposed promoting their own brand of politically correct politics in the classroom, with no action being taken by educational authorities."

The BNP will find out later today whether the decision to scrap its whites-only membership policy has been enough to meet race relations laws.

Last month party members voted to approve changes to its constitution to allow black and Asian people to become members, following the threat of a possible court injunction over its whites-only membership by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

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