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  1. @paapiman Bhai Ji, I don't know why you didn't post the original Gurmukhi with the above????
  2. Marsha Small, a doctoral student, tells DailyMail.com she discovered 222 sets of child remains at the Chemawa Cemetery north of Salem, Oregon The graves that had markers showed Anglicized names rather than the children's true indigenous names DailyMail.com went to the cemetery and saw several grave markers with 'Anglo' sounding names like, Daniel, Benny, George, Rosie and James 'Obviously a native isn't going to be named Daniel Boone, so how would one start to look for their ancestors if the names are incorrect?' Small said 'It was an atrocity for the United States to take away these children's native names so their parents and ancestors could never find them,' Small added She said there could well be several unmarked indigenous bodies buried there The Chemawa School opened in 1880 originally as an elementary school for both boys and girls, becoming a fully accredited high school in 1927 Today the school is open for 9-12 graders and has approximately 425 students, primarily from the tribes of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9791963/Graves-Native-American-children-discovered-Oregon-Anglicized-names.html
  3. Sounds a bit northern Irish to me at places?
  4. This guy's funny. The way he gets worked up makes me laugh.....lol
  5. You make the call on whether to post it or not bhai ji. I'm not a coy person myself. Regarding brahmcharia, I think it's only for a tiny select group in the panth, and shouldn't be widely promoted myself. PS - I think you'd be much better off carrying on the CP series anyway.
  6. Not that I know of, but that doesn't mean it wasn't done.
  7. Bros, my inbox is full up. I need a lot of the stuff in them. Which granth are you talking about btw? Is it really that big a deal? You lot should know me by now, I don't blindly accept everything in puratan granths.
  8. Why not? Make a new thread perhaps?
  9. @paapiman Is Sri Gohaj Katha Pothi even available right now?
  10. A Deep Singh is mentioned in a strange sakhi, but I don't know if this is Baba Deep Singh Shaheed? Yes, Baba ji's shaheedi is mentioned, I can't recall anything about a havan though, but it's been years since I read it. They mention baba ji having shaheedi degh before the battle though and dressing up as bridegrooms. Nah, I haven't looked into it that deeply.
  11. I wouldn't go that far veer ji. I'm just learning like everyone else. All I'm saying is that the extant rahits cover a wide time period, and although they have overlap, they are quite diverse. They are essentially interpretations of Sikh life, and like all writings, the author's biases and personal interpretations come in. To have a clear contrast of this, look at the earliest rahit I posted, and then compare it to say Prem Sumarag. The length and style and contents are very different.
  12. Bro, these granths are relatively recent. Plus it only takes one old source to include the incident, and later granths replicate the information. Most of these granths probably used Bhangu's work as an inspiration.
  13. Here's links to the original Sainapati Sri Gursobha Gurmukhi text and two English translations on my scribd: Ganda Singh's Gurmukhi edition: https://www.scribd.com/document/58125935/Sainpati-s-Sri-Gur-Sobha-Ed-Ganda-Singh Kulwant Singh's English translation (includes Gurmukhi text): https://www.scribd.com/document/379127587/Sainapati-s-Sri-Gursobha-English-translation-by-Kulwant-Singh-IOSS Ami Praful Shah's English translation: https://www.scribd.com/doc/156866970/Sainapati-s-Gursobha-English-translation-and-dissertation-by-Ami-Praful-Shah
  14. Just because the havan took place doesn't make it Gurmat veer ji. It took place on the eve of one of Abdali's invasions i.e. long after Guru sahibaan physically left us. We spoke about it in this thread: The original (expunged) text of PP is here: https://www.scribd.com/document/50691250/Bhai-Vir-Singh-s-editing-of-Panth-Prakash-by-Dr-Harinder-Singh-Chopra-Dr-Surjit-Hans
  15. That's also if we view it with the western lens of being a 'drug'. It's obvious sukha had many applications in Indic culture outside of this i.e. nutrients, medical.
  16. I'm not aware of any. The only thing I know of is the havan of an ox in Bhangu's Panth Prakash. But I don't think they ate any part of the animal?
  17. Fateh Darshan literally means 'an audience with victory' (??) fateh = Farsi word for victory: darshan = (it's hard to translate but I'll try) a visual audience? Like we have darshan of maharaj when we go Gurdwara. This hukamnana purportedly from Banda Singh Bahadhur is interesting in light of your question because at the top we see a Persian (Farsi) including the Degh-Tegh-Fateh motif, as well as a reference to Baba Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh jis. Then afterwards (after the Ik onkar) we have Fateh Darshan.
  18. When I look at the extant rahits its obvious that they have overlap, but also that some of the writers own interpretations and biases can come in (not surprisingly). Diet is one place where they vary somewhat. Nitnems can differ.
  19. I think you're on the wrong forum for that. Most of us here love Dasam Granth.
  20. @paapiman Veer ji, I've been casually going through some older rahits lately (because of this thread) and I don't think it is possible to follow them all like suggested in the OP.
  21. @chatanga1 I remember you asking about the provenance of sword (whose image I posted here a short while ago), that had the famous Degh Tegh couplet from Dasam Bani engraved inside the handle. Toor gives some background info on this in the video incase you are still interested.
  22. "The masterstroke of the coloniser is to make the colonised lose their sense of self, and so you're separated from your origins, and then you find yourself reconstructing your origin story and then holding that really really tight because that's all you have, and that's what you need to survive, and I think that's what we've largely done as a community." Davinder Toor
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