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Sikh Soldier Who Fought For Brits During Ww2


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I was wondering just how we (the panth) will eventually conceptualise the whole 'British imperialism' chapter of Sikh itihaas in future. How will this period of our history be considered by Sikhs when all the cards fall down?

What is ironic now is that within the Brits, the Scots and Welsh (especially the former), seem to be really pushing for an independent existence from the English. I believe that the British concept was an English one, used to try and create some umbrella identity to encompass those they had subjugated. What will remain of that concept if and when the Scots or Welsh finally do achieve full devolution? I wonder? It seems to be slowly cracking up before our very eyes!

The only consolation I get from the WW Sikh experience is that I hope lots of white supremacist nazis were sent to hell by Singhs. Sadly our people were blind to the similar ideology espoused by the side they were fighting for. There are other aspects of the whole imperial experience which suck, such as being attack dogs for goray and participating in immoral conflicts such as the Opium wars against the Chinese.

I think there are important discussions to be had between Singhs about all these issues and very important lessons to learn.

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The Opium Wars were very bad indeed. It was good for us that the Germans lost WW2 anyway. If they had won the European countries would have united and attacked India for trying to become free, just like the Opium Wars. The carnage would have been far worse than the slaughter of 1857.

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