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Sarna of the DSGMC had called a "Sarbat Khalsa" to deal with issues from the panth. Here's a statement from someone who actually went to the conference, I highlighted the most interesting part:

Only TIMT TV covered the show, other channels did not give any news as a World Sikh Convention had no meaning for them. The wedding highlights of Sania were more important for them

I myself was there and listened to some important speakers. Most of them restrained from uttering any word against Dasam Granth. Only Manjeet Singh Calcutta was exception, being a politician, all others just spoke on current issues only. Bhai Panth preet singh ji and Bhai Mohakam singh ji warned them and in a loud voice they said that the supremacy of Akal Takhat shall always be maintained and no one is allowed to raise any finger against Jathedars and Akal Takhat-the supreme authority.

KTS Tulsi informed about the case which was won in Pun & Har High Court where the Kesh were declared in important identity of a Sikh and against killing of female foeticides.

H S Phulka spoke on 1984 genocide and some current cases against culprits.

Rest all on same issues but actually a closed door meeting was held where no saints, Nirmalas, Nihangs etc were not invited. In this closed door meeting, some decisions were taken and they are issued to press.... See More

These decisions were not taken in convention, in congregation.

This was a bundle of lies. The gathering was about 25000 to 30000 only.

Mon at 7:33pm

-Ajmer Singh Randhawa from Facebook
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Real Face of anti panthic Paramjeet sarna got exposed on world Sikh convention when his task force and worker of youth wing beat sevadar of proud khalsa network just coz he was clicking the pics of convention ... Sarna was already frustrated because his convention got flop and he ordered his youth wing and task force to beat Bhai Avtar singh .. Watch video and pics here


This is video on youtube.


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