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I came accross a question ,"why is there no mention of christ or christianity by guru gobind singh ji in vichitra natak "

Can someone through some light on that...

It was in context of conversation of akaal purakh and guru gobind singh ji ,,,

could be because there wasnt much christianity in india at that time , but i would like to know other peoples view on it.

wjkk wjkf

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The fact that nothing was directly said about Christianity does not refute the fact that Guru Ji was All-Knowing.

There was more mention of the Hindu religion because of it's larger influence and prevalence in that time. Also, most Sikhs then were Hindu's originally, as the Muslims were largely fanatical, and clearly did not allow the propagation of any other faith other than Islam, let alone Christianity.

The Bachitar Natak and many other works of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were given to us as an attempt to overcome superstitious Brahmanical beliefs and strengthen the Sikhs moral and spiritual character. Obviously, they had to be written bearing in mind the background of the majority of the Sikhs and the threats common in those times. That is why I assume there was no mention of Christianity. Furthermore, I agree with Truth Singh Bhaji, you have answered your own question in your initial post :D

Bhul Chuk Dee Khima



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