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Rehras Sahib Changed In Sikhmarg.com

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On the Kala Afghanist site sikhmarg.com the Rehras Sahib has been changed. Until last week, when you clicked on http://www.sikhmarg.com/japji/rehraas.html you would get the Akal Takht approved Rehras Sahib, but now they have taken out the Dasam Bani portions of Rehras Sahib which were Benti Choupi and the two shabad that follow it the Svaiyaa and the Dohra.

Although it is not surprising, but it just shows the fox like character of the Kala Afghanists. I still remember when they first started off, they would go around saying how they want to uphold the Akal Takht Maryadha and promote the Rehras Sahib approved by the Akal Takht, but as they started to gain support over a large part of the diaspora Sikhs, they began to show their real beliefs, then they were excommunicated. Now that they are excommunicated and have a large enough support base they are openly going against the Akal Takht and even questioning the validity of the authority of the Akal Takht.

I have noticed that in the last few months as things have cooled down, Panthic Sikhs have begun to slow down their opposition to the Kala Afghanists. But if you look at the Kala Afghanist side, they are still just as active in spreading their anti Sikh literature and propaganda. This is a war of information and ideas and we need to stay on top and alert.

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