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Nagini Barcchi Vs Barcchi


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The wavy blade according to one of my teachers who has studied numerous Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian systems - was more formidable in cutting power - especially after penetration and when pulling the blade out of the body. The straight or curved blade requires more effort to cut. East of India the wavy blade is called a Kris (although there are different types of Kris). It is very similar to the Nagini balde - and in fact is without doubt based on it - it is favourite of Indonesians/Malaysians.

I'm unsure if the blade would have been able to better penetrate the thick hide of an Elephant, but am convinced its's wavy design (which increases sawing/cutting power) would cause much more damage internally than a straight blade. Don't forget - the blade would have been attached to the end of the spear - so would not be able to be pulled out. Any blade fighter knows that a blade should be twisted or curved when pulled out of the enemy to cause maximum damag (as if you pull it straight out and you have missed vital organs, the enemy will incur less blood loss as the entry wound would be slight). Due to the reason the spear would not be able to be pulled out - it would make sense to incur maximum damage in entry, as there will be no opportunity to take it back out.

Maybe someone with more knowledge of Indian Shastars like Maha Singh could add to/correct what I have said.

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