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Few Pictures From My Trip

Guest zulu

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Thought I'd share a few pictures with you guys

1st picture is the view from one of the hotels I stayed in during my visit to Cairo - Egyptian museum

rest are self explanatory

2nd to last picture, a guy tried to sell me that so called adidas bag, epic the look on his face when I showed him on my small pouche bag which was adidas and compared the spelling to his bag.







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Did you live at Ramses Hilton?

Great pictures however i hope you visited some of the local places. The tourist places are boring.

How much did you pay to see the pyramids (all included, camels, guide etc etc). ?

I stayed at city view hotel when I was in cairo, was pretty decent 3* decent room, great view, that was 300LE for me and my mate so 150 each, he was asking for 360 got him down 300 and was happy with that.

Yeah I wasnt a big fan of the tourist spots the prices on goods was just shocking! I purchased a scarf the first guy was asking 150 for it!! then I got him down to 50 then I thought hes still making a huge profit and i said 15 he got mad, I walked off he came after me and he agreed to 15 BUT I didnt like his aggressiveness and plus he touched my shoulder told him to do one. Went to another store got the scarf I wanted for 5LE, happy with that.

Pirces in the khan el khalili market are just crazy, you have to be really good at haggling which I was.

From Cairo to Giza taxi drivers were asking 150-200 one way and it would take one hour for them to get there. I did my planning before hand and we used the Metro we caught the train from attaba(a station in cairo) and got to giza for only 1 Egyptian pound thats under 20pence!!! one way and it only took 20minutes so was quick and very cheap, saved us a bomb.

When we got to giza we had to get a taxi to the pyrmids which cost 15 and from the station to the sight is around 10mins.

We wanted to stay at hilton but coudlnt afford to fork out the price's and felt it was better just to get a 3* hotel which was really good anyway.

If anyone does deciede to go to Cairo and then see the pyrmids I dont recommend getting a taxi straight away, first get the metro to giza only 1 egyptian pound and much quicker, no traffic etc.

Me and my friend chose to go on horseback as the camels there stink, half of them I saw were rolling around in their own mess(not attractive) the guide and 2 horses for 1 hour 30mins inc tickets to the pyrmids cost 250 each, he was asking for 300 each, got him down to 250 but then he woudlnt go any lower and we thought it was worth it.

The guide was good but he did randomly whistle and the horses were on full gallop - great experiance.

Just the ticket by itself was like 60 or 80 LE and you can walk up to everything but it is better to go on a horse or camel, not everyday you get to do that hunna.

After we finished we wanted a taxi back to giza station the guy's knew we wanted to get back so everyone we asked wanted 60 to get back so that was a bit annoying.

You get some good cab drivers who are really nice, some who are just money hungry.

Lastly, never stay in a hotel near the pyrmids! sooo expensive, its best to stay in cairo city and get the metro to giza, some hotels we found in giza wanted 500-700 per night! and they were only 3&4* so if anyone does go stay in Cairo and get the underground to giza, you save soo much.

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