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America Creates Artillery Gun Capable Of Hitting Targets Over 100 Miles Away.


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Some sikhs have a fondness for how artillery works which is mainly due to how good ours was in the Anglo-Sikh wars. I wonder what the Singhs back then would have made of this:



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Cold war has been over or over 20 years now. The US is the only superpower, yet it's military budget is bigger than the next 20 countries combined. The US has taken over from the British empire as the Anglo dominated imperialist power. They have no reason to spend billions of dollars on these super weapons while the country is still suffering from a recession, yet they continue to spend only to use them against weak nations during a war. With all these billions of dollars of worth of highly sophisticated advanced weapons they still cannot beat lightly armed Afghan fighters. I hope these American imperialists get their butts kicked in Afghanistan like they did in Vietnam.

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