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'cover Up' Claims Over Asian Sex Gangs

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Charities and agencies working with victims of sexual abuse have been accused of covering up the role of British Pakistani Muslims in sexually exploiting young white British girls.

Most agencies have publicly denied a link between ethnicity and the grooming of vulnerable girls as young as 11 on streets by criminal gangs of pimps.

But in 17 court cases since 1997 where groups of men were prosecuted for grooming 11 to 16 year old girls on the street, 53 of the 56 people found guilty were Asian, 50 of them Muslim, while just three were white, The Times reported.

A majority of the men were from the British Pakistani community, the newspaper added.

Police sources said the convictions represented a fraction of the "tidal wave" of offending in some counties across the Midlands and Northern England.

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Lol, when the sikh community talked about how muslims were grooming young girls it was treated with derision by authorities and the media. Now when it comes to precious little white girls they suddenly start screaming 'white slave trade'! The truth is that a predominantly white and institutionally racist police force would not waste any time banging asians up if this was true. All you have to do to get some police attention in this country is to go riding around in a mate's X5 and see how many times the police follow and stop you. Stories like this will do one thing only: increase sex attacks on asian women and young girls. We all know that white men in britain are as bad as the musis, but they have a 'damsel in distress' complex when it comes to women, especially brown ones. The media is always full of honour killings or some other stereotyping of the poor oppressed asian women by the 'evil vindictive petty brown man'. In truth there is plenty of violence in white relationships, it's just not considered representative of the brit culture as a whole though. I could give candid examples of how white people in london are as bad as the media portrays asians but I dont want to end up in taboo territory.

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