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Trance & Smadhi

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smadhi is when you lose complete conscious of your body. It is a complete thoughtless (no mind) state where your consciousness will start to rise and rise to find the seer or witness of that. The difference between you being in a trance and smadi are that in trance you may still have thought and be aware of your mind or body or ever subtler your I (ego). But in smadhi you will go beyond the I(ego) and rest consciousness in total absolute(waheguru). But the experience you will get is sat (exsistance), chit (becoming true consciousness) and anand (bliss, true enjoyment) but without the ego, body and mind. Total awareness of true self or you can call it meditation on self.

In a trance you may not be aware of self and can fall into sukh nindra/tandra aka sleep of ease. So be vigilant

Hope this helps veeeera!

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