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Man Who Exposed Hondh Chillar Loses Job


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JALANDHAR: Manwinder Singh Giaspur, who played a key role in bringing out the Hondh Chillar massacre of Sikhs, has been asked by his Gurgaon-based company to leave the job. Even as his employer denied that the marching orders had anything to do with his involvement in exposing the case, Manwinder said he has even been told to leave the station "for the sake of my own career."

"On Friday, I was told to pack bags by top company bosses and that I should look for another job in the next 10 days. I was also told that company's prestige was alsolinked to my name and the company did not want any controversy. I was told that I should also look for a job at some other station for the sake of my own career growth," he said. Manwinder is working as GM at V&S International Pvt Ltd, engaged in garment exports.

However, a senior company functionary, Ravinder Kumar, who conveyed the decision to him, said bad financial health of the company was the only reason behind the move. "He is otherwise a very good guy and can take upon any responsibility," he added.

Company MD, CP Gaba, said they were downsizing. He denied that issuing the pink slip to Manwinder had anything to do with his involvement in bringing out the massacre. Even as the issue created apolitical storm in Haryana as well as in Punjab and Haryana government had to order a judicial probe into the matter, Gaba denied any knowledge of the issue. He said the company was not concerned with what its functionary was doing in his personal life.

Admitting that firm was in bad financial health, Manwinder however wondered why he alone was issued marching orders. "Asking me to leave the station gives me an inkling about the link between the pink slip and my involvement with Hondh Chillar issue," he said. All India Sikh Students Federation, which first raised the issue along with Manwinder, said it was the duty of SGPC to look into the issue.

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