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India's Tiger Census Shows Numbers On The Rise


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India's tiger census shows numbers on the rise

(AP) – 2 hours ago

NEW DELHI (AP) — India's latest tiger census shows an increase in the numbers of the endangered big cat.

The census counted at least 1,706 tigers in forests across the country, about 300 more than four years ago, a government official said Monday.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh called the increase good news but cautioned against any complacency in efforts to save the iconic animal from extinction.

Conservationists used hidden cameras and DNA tests to count the cats in 19 Indian states where tigers live in the wild.

The census included 70 tigers in the eastern Indian Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, which had not been counted in the last census in 2007. Not counting the Sunderbans population, the latest count reflects an increase of about 16 percent.

The 2007 census had shown 1,411 tigers, a sharp fall in the population from about 3,600 five years earlier.

A century ago, about 100,000 tigers roamed India's forests.

Shrinking habitats have brought the wild cats into conflict with farmers and poachers who kill them for pelts and body parts, highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Alongside other endangered cats like the Siberian Tigar, Sumatran Tiger, Chinese Tiger, Snow Leapord our very own Scottish Wildcat and rarest of them all the Amur Leopard, will disappear in a decade or 2 if corridors joining up seperate populations are not created and enforced (to ensure a healthy breeding population).

All Asian countries except for Bhutan (which is excellent on many levels) couldn't give a rats about their own people, let alone wildlife, it's simply a handful of passionate people in each country with some tiny support from WWF and other wildlife charities which are doing some good work. Soon as a big money gets involved i.e. mineral extraction, you can forget about the wildlife.

it will take a miracle to change the flow of extinction (3 sub species of Tiger already extinct in the past century). More importantly than even saving the animals, is the issue of saving the habitats, which the Chinese are doing an excellent job of eradicating worldwide (spearheading it to a whole new level compared to previous big consumers like Europe, USA etc).

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