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Burger King Chips


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For all those ho eat from outside, just a note that Burger King fries chips and onion rings which contain fish (sides) are not vegetarian friendly as they are fried in the same oil as chicken and fish as well as all their vegetarian burgers contain eggs in them. so anything from burger king apart from water or drinks are not vegetarian friendly.

however Mc Donalds fries are vegetarian friendly and not cooked with any meat products in the oil.


taking a look through the website also mentions their vegetarian burger etc do contain eggs in them

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To be honest Anyone who is a strict vegetarian should not eat any food from restaurent where Non veg is cooked.If you eat anything vegetarian even if they claim so then you are just pleasing your mind.Non veg restaurent do mix products or cook vegetarian food in same pan where Non veg food is cooked.

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