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Pearls Of Truth By Baba Nikha Singh Ji Nirmala (Thakuran Sampardaye)

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Pearls of Truth by Baba Nikha Singh Ji Nirmala (Thakuran Sampardaye)

Sant Baba Nikha Singh Ji Nirmala

1. God, the Truth Eternal, is the Creator of the universe. He alone is the Supreme Master and we should have absolute faith in Him. The man who believes in Him overcomes all temptations, and attains the knowledge that is complete and perfect and brings peace, contentment and happiness

2. This world is a sea of misery only for those who know not his ways. For them it is like an ocean which cannot be crossed. But for those who have attained salvation through knowledge and with His grace, this world is God’s very own manifestation.

3. One who gets to know himself and conquers the vain desires of his heart, shall come to know and realize his true being and shall have all the material resources of this world at his Command.

4. I consider that man to be most worthy of my love and gratitude who has love for the place where my Master dwelt.

5. If you wish the world to obey you, get to know yourself and conquer all physical and material urges arising within you. What you see around you is superficial knowledge. It is your spiritual being which is true. When you overcome your worldly desires, you can be master of the situation.

6. Man finds it difficult to control his baser instincts. By prayer alone it is possible. Through God’s grace one can make an effort to meditate on His name.

7. Man, know thyself! Listen to your inner voice. Your ‘self’ is not your physical being, not the intellect; neither the body nor its organs. Your true being is the state of realization of your duty. Once you know what it is then your physical being shall accept your true and nobler self as its guide. Then your real and true being shall be in control. The body, mind and intellect will be at your command. They shall function in unison so as to bring you happiness. After this everything shall be smooth and pleasant.

8. Search for God in the forests and up in the mountains is futile, for He lives with and within you. Know yourself if you want to know God.

9. It is the sense of awareness that prompts and enables you to complete the task you take in hand. Don’t forget that when you do something wrong, it is done after due deliberation.

10. There is one God. Knowledge about God and His creation cannot be compared with anything else. God is also the name of the Knowledge Supreme. True comprehension of God is possible only when you have realised the significance of the knowledge that is Supreme.

11. God, in His mercy alleviates the miseries of His children in this world. With grace alone one can attain worldly riches and comforts. It is man’s DHARMA to pray to Him and to meditate on His Holy Name. This is possible only through God’s grace and Guru’s blessings. O’ man, this is what you are supposed to do. Leave everything to Him after doing your duty.

12. Elevation, through self-purification, for man is possible only when he has full faith in Guru. This is the way man can fulfill his ambition.

13. There is no difference between Guru and God. Guru is the embodiment of all pervading knowledge. Guru has to be perfect for he comprehends and dispenses all knowledge. He knows, understands and realizes the existence and operation of the laws of the universe as devised and ordained by God. There is only one God. There cannot be two. He alone dwells in the hearts of all. The moment true wisdom dawns on you, derive and conclude only one meaning that there is only one God and He knows no limits, neither is He bound by any limit and He always resides in every heart.

14. Guru is the true teacher. His teachings are universal and eternal. He ignores the sins of those who come to be blessed and forgives them. He rescues them of their troubles. I know it is my Guru who forgives a sinner and elevates the individual to a position where he gains his self-respect, sense of dignity and piety that Guru wants every individual to imbibe.

15. The way we are blessed by our true master, the day we come to enjoy the Guru’s grace we shall divest ourselves of all our baser instincts like jealousy and enemity. We shall start feeling the presence of God in all His creatures. Our Guru alone can elevate us to this status. I have the fullest faith in my Guru and I shall like you also to do the same.

16. All that we see is not real. All that appears to be real is bound to change. Think of what is happening within you. Your thoughts keep on changing but He is and always remains what He is. He is the truth. When you feel convinced and your intellect perceives it, you shall be part of that Immortal Truth. Truth is indivisible, so is knowledge and so is the bliss of the Joy Eternal.

17. God within you is watching and weighing every act of yours. As long as your ego rules your thinking, you shall remain ignorant of the presence of the almighty with you.

18. Lust for possessing worldly goods is like an ember that burns the good in you. The two together keep you away from true knowledge, which helps you realize the existence of God. Meditation on His name is the only remedy. But you will be able to meditate only if you realize what truth is and you concentrate fully on His name with a heart that is pure. Dishonesty, falsehood cannot co-exist with truth. The moment you have taken to truth, the two shall stand abandoned.

19. One who has attained through God’s grace, the knowledge perfect, which is true and eternal, has been set free of the cycle of birth and death. In accordance with the law of the universe, the elements get absorbed in the cosmos and the light is always a part of the Light Eternal. That is why Guru Nanak said that giving credence to the process of life and death is only betrayal of ignorance on the part of the learned. If you cannot discriminate falsehood from the truth or distinguish mortal from indestructible then you have not been able to attain the state of mind someone in possession of true knowledge has.

20. None, till this day, has been able to attain salvation, with the help of physical senses like: speech, contact, form, enjoying the faculties of hearing and seeing and smelling. Sheikh Farid says that man remains strangulated by five temptations: lust, greed, anger, sex and ego. Man can free himself of these only with the grace of God by surrendering himself before His will.

21. Contentment is a boon given by God. Without His mercy no one shall ever feel contented or happy. All wealth and realization of temptations cannot make a man feel happy. Happiness comes by overcoming temptations and cravings.

22. The moment a thought crosses your mind, He immediately perceives it. You think nobody knows about what you are considering or contemplating. It is not so for He is within you. The moment a vibration is initiated it gets registered in His system. He keeps a watch on everyone, every moment.

23. All your miseries, difficulties and troubles will come to an end the moment you are gifted with God’s name. It is He who makes the gift. You get it with His grace and there is no difference between Him and His name. You meditate on His name and your being gets submerged in Him and He takes you under His wings and protects you every moment everywhere.

24. He resides everywhere. He is omnipresent. He is complete, as there is nothing beyond Him. His abode is in your heart. Remember that He is with you all the time. Away from Him your existence is not possible. He is everywhere and with and within everyone. He is eternity. You will find him in your hearts. Don’t go out looking for Him anywhere for He is everywhere and with and within everyone. In order to find Him look into your heart.

25. When your heart becomes one with His name you have obtained all that you could ever yearn for. You have got peace eternal. Except His name nothing will be of any help to you and it is the name alone that will bring you peace in this world as well as the next.

26. When the heart goes with the name of the Lord the man becomes one with God. Man stands doomed when he fails to imbibe His name. When the angel of death escorted Janak(the famous king who always clung to truth and submerged his being into the Lord Eternal); to the realm of God he passed through hell and witnessed the misery of those who had not meditated on His name. When asked he was told that they were the ones who had been damned and who were in utter pain. The king was so moved that he asked the angel to set them free who in turn expressed his inability to do so. Janak said that some good could be done to them if he visited them, but his request could not be acceded to. How could he be of some help to them? To this the angel replied that only His Name could come to their rescue. Janak who had meditated with intense devotion and love to God, offered to come to rescue those unfortunate ones. As with Name so was there the Creator Himself within Janak’s soul and heart. On his intervention all those who had been condemned to pain and misery were blessed and were saved from hell.

27. To worship Him is to devote and dedicate yourself completely to Him. You say you worship Him. Ask yourself if you have been able to completely dedicate yourself to Him. Think of Him. Feel His presence within you and then dedicate and devote yourself completely to Him. Kabir and Dhanna, by placing their full faith in Him and by their complete surrender, enjoyed His bliss. But we fail to do that for our devotion is not complete. We get lost and squander ourselves in attending to the affairs of this world. We are bound to carry out our worldly duties but while doing so we must keep our inner or true self bound to Him. Then only our worship and dedication is complete.

28. The only way you get your soul liberated is by reciting His true Name. your attention may get diverted by extraneous factors but you keep concentrating and meditating on His Name. Our Guru says: He is all-pervading, omnipresent and omnipotent. There is only one force or power – the Supreme one. It knows no limits. It is complete. God is the sole Master of this universe. With His will all systems function. He alone is the Creator and preserver of all that exists. Rules governing life and nature are regulated at His command.

29. Whatever we see is false. It is not true because it all gives over to change. Only Truth is eternal because He can be perceived only in the form of Truth. Otherwise He has no appearance, neither can He be contained by time and space. If you admit the existence of the THREE then you shall have to think of the One who creates, sees and watches the three. So there is only one God. He alone is the source of all life and all creations.

30. There came the LIGHT eternal. After that, the knowledge that is complete and perfect. The light now resides in my Guru who so graciously has blessed man with it! That is how that great knowledge about the creator brought light in my life. Then only I was able to discern and realize and perceive that great, infallible and perpetual source of all the knowledge.. I felt enlightened only when I felt His presence and after that there was no scepticism, for, God was with me all the time and everywhere. The world and life thrive only because of His kindness, His mercies and His grace. His kindness knows no bounds. He is the ocean of happiness for man. You get peace of mind, all that you need and all that makes your life meaningfull and worth living.

31. Till eternity only He is the Truth. He is beyond any change and transformation and yet He appears and reappears through the change. Truth shall always be truth. Truth shall for ever be Truth. Nothing can take its place. The immortal shall never take the form of a mortal. We mislead ourselves when we confine Him within any limit of form, time or space. He is beyond all regulations- known and unknown. Man can merge his entity in Him only when man starts abiding by the regulations that sprout through His Divine Will.

32. Ask your Guru to forgive you for your foolishness in comprehending Him as finite for He is infinite, beyond all description, knowing no limit, whatsoever. Beseech your true Guru to bless you with wisdom to perceive of Him as He is. Let your Guru be kind to you and bless you with true wisdom so that you may realize the everlasting significance of his name. You may always meditate on His Name and thus your superficial identity may yield to your true and eternal entity by merging your self with Him.

33. Ask your Guru to forgive you for your foolishness in comprehending Him as finite for He is infinite, beyond all description, knowing no limit, whatsoever. Beseech your true Guru to bless you with wisdom to perceive of Him as He is. Let your Guru be kind to you and bless you with true wisdom so that you may realize the everlasting significance of his name. You may always meditate on His Name and thus your superficial identity may yield to your true and eternal entity by merging your self with Him.

34. God lives in ‘Shabd’. When you make ‘Shabd’ a part of your being you shall be one with your Creator. But it is not eassy. There will be obstacles in your way. Perhaps this is what God wills. We are distracted and get deviated from the path chosen for us by the Divine Power. We follow this to enjoy His Grace. There is no other path.

35. How can you forget Him even for a fleeting second? I tell you something from my experience. We have been living in orchards where lived some Muslims, who looked after the fruit trees. They skeaded flour in an earthern pot and added red chillies in plenty into it. After having baked the bread, when they started eating the dry bread full of chillies they remembered Allah and thanked Him for His mercies. How good of them! They remembered their Creator every time they took a breath and with every morsel they ate. Never, never allow yourself to forget Him and if you do not forget your Lord you will always enjoy His blessings and the status of a saint.

36. No one can ever give full description of the Creator. All adjectives cannot adequately describe Him. He is the truth and He sustains life in all forms and balances the movement of heavenly bodies. He knows no limits. He is all-pervading and beyond all scrutiny.

37. God forgives those who surrender themselves unconditionally before Him and seek His shelter. He may accept offenders as His owm dear ones. When Bidhi Chand, after having committed the robbery, fell on the feet of the Guru, the Guru embraced him. Though he had been a dacoit yet from that day onwards he belonged to the Guru and the guru’s image could be seen through him. So surrender yourself before the Guru if you want salvation. Beseech the Guru to put you on the right path and meditate on His Name so that you may enjoy His grace and blessings.

38. We may know that all that can possibly be comprehended and it may have nothing to do with God, yet it is God who knows us and knows all about us.

39. Guru Granth Sahib contains all knowledge about God. When we bow our heads before Guru Granth Sahib it is not the sheath of papers we are showing our reverence to, it is the knowledge about God that earns our reverence for the Guru.

40. This world which you think you know and think that you can comprehend, is like an ocean. It is the sea of misery for the ignorant but for those who know and understand, through His grace, it is God’s very own manifestation.

41. As long as you do not know yourself your mind remains clouded with doubts. You will be a confused person. It is love that takes you nearer God. when along with love you make His Name a part of your life there remains little to do more. You shall come to realize what God means to you.

42. He is omnipresent. He watches and knows all that is going on within you. He monitors the vibrations of your heart, your mind, your thoughts, your intellect. There is nothing in or about you which God does not know. So much so that your existence is not possible because, in fact, it is He what appears to be you.

43. All praise to Him for He alone is worthy of our praise. If you were to sing in His praisse He would keep you in good care and all your sins would be erased. He would allow you to stay in His exalted presence and you would realize that through His grace alone, you live and stay in prosperity. He is the creator and it is He alone whose mercies strike a balance amongst the planets and stars.

44. Listen to me O’ brother. Life without remembering God is meaningless. Once there came a man with a request that I tell him something which may help him in life. I told him to remember God and always meditate on his Name. He confessed that he could not concentrate. When I asked him if he had forgotten about the money he was keeping in the hole dug in the earth he admitted that he had not. If you cannot forget the spot where the money was how could you forget Him who not only gave you all the worldly belongings but your very life and all its joys? O’ man it is not in your interest to forget Him who gives you all that you want.

45. This is my prayer. What Guru Arjan Dev Ji said I share the words with you: Pray to God. Speak nothing but the truth. Never think ill of anyone. Do good to all, and God almighty shall treat you similarly.

46. Your good deeds will matter more than anything else. Do recite His holy Name. You will thus attain contentment. God will be happy with you and accept you for your good deeds and for the faithful performance of your duty. There is nothing more important than His pleasure, for, once you enjoy His grace He shall forgive you for your sins and your miseries will come to an end.

47. When your inner self asserts in a pure and pious manner, you attain true knowledge. And once you do that all your miseries are gone and you enjoy eternal bliss.

48. Guru has the knowledge which is perfect and God is our Saviour and Master. God alone is the Creator of this universe. He sustains and nurtures it. His will pervades all through. Nothing is possible without His grace and will. Man must learn to live as He ordains and pay his homage and respects to the great Creator. People become good and kind only when they learn to obey Him. We should never forget Him who gives us life and all comforts. If we meditate on His Name we achieve every bliss that makes life good, meaningful and worth living.

49. Man gets attached to those objects which he would leave behind. He should not fail to concentrate and meditate on His Name. Man would enjoy the bliss if he remembers his creator and His mercies. Man’s life is a success only when he learns to enjoy His grace. This is possible when man meditates on His Name. Life for man has a meaning and is worth living only if he remembers God.

50. When man develops the ability to recognize Truth no illusion can mislead him. You give a counterfeit coin to a child. The moment he comes to know about it he will throw it away. Similarly when man is able to perceive what is true he will discard all that is false and shall enjoy His blessings. God controls the destiny of all living beings and he alone brings happiness in man’s life

None pleases God, whatever He does, we should learn to accept the same. He is the master of all of us. He is the embodiment of all that is good and noble. He is all powerful. There is nothing which man cannot get by His grace. With His benevolence we gain all that we may desire. He bestows on us all that we need or want and nothing is kept away from man. With His kindness everything turns in our favour. There is no other Power like God as He is Supreme and He does only that which is right. If a man acts in a manner that is good and noble he always enjoys His grace and kindness. And it is He who has given us all that we possess.

51. All great men like Christ, Mohammed, Kabir and Namdev, who came into the world, followed the path of truth and urged people to do the same. How much did Jesus suffer while treading on the path of truth – we know. But he put people on the right path. The so-called clergy misguided and looted common people. When the elder died the members of his family asked as to where would he go. They made the family pay heavy amounts to send the man to heaven.

52. The priests shamelessly cheated and robbed people of their money by making false promises. They divide men in the name of religion. When I first went to Kashmir people welcomed and showed all respect due to a man of religion. But on a subsequent visit we were branded as infidels. These so-called priests mislead the people. It is God and His true followers who put the people on the right path.

53. God, the Truth Eternal, is the Creator of the universe. He alone is the Supreme Master and we should have absolute faith in Him. The man who believes in Him overcomes all temptations, and attains the knowledge that is complete and perfect and brings peace, contentment and happinessBottom of Form

54. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj has very clearly warned us not speak ill of anyone, not to use disparaging language for anyone, for, God resides within everyone. If you condemn a man you will be condemning God for He dwells in him. No man has a separate entity of his own. Man is only a part of the Supreme Being. So undue criticism of man will amount to criticism of God

55. God who is omnipresent as well as omnipotent dwells in all living creatures. He knows all and helps everyone in recognizing his or her worth. He resides within you and there is nothing hidden from Him. He is fully aware of the process of thought working within the system. He knows what your expectations are and benignly guides you in realizing your aspirations. It is He alone who always knows what is right for you. By surrendering yourself to His will you are accepted and blessed by Him because then you belong to Him.

56. When you consciously merge your being unto Him you become a part of Him and His Name. That is when you are transported into a state of ecstasy. That is the supreme moment of awakening when you attain salvation. This is the state of absolute piety. You are blessed with ‘knowledge perfect’. When you attain this state of bliss all your desires are fulfilled and you stand fully rewarded.

57. One who develops love and devotion and is soaked in His Name and able to see Him, feel Him and has intense love and Devotion for Him has achieved everything. Nothing is out of his reach. All is within his grasp. Nothing can elude him and he is in possession of all that is worth possessing. And in his company others can see God within themselves.

58. It is He who fulfills all desires. He gives all comforts and pleasure. No one else can do that. He is the ONE. He, who brings happiness to all, resides within everyone. Have faith in Him. Enjoy His mercies and blessings. Repose faith in Him. All your sublime cravings will be realized. He shall grant you absolute peace of mind.

59. There is nothing like ‘Name’ in the world. Tulsi Das Ji placed Name above the Creator. It is Name that takes us to Him. It is Name that brings salvation to man. But it is with the help of the Guru. It is Guru who is the real God. Guru is the light of the world. Guru has the key that God blesses him with. No one except the Guru has the key.

60. Name is the only means that can take you to God. There is no distinction between the Name and the ONE who bears it. God’s Name alone leads you to know God and to be part of Him. Once you have concentrated on Name you will find Him. The moment you have realized what Name is you will realize and perceive what God is. The only way to know God is through His Name. As long as you do not identify yourself with Name you cannot reach Him or be one with God.

61. Whosoever loved his Creator attained salvation. All those who gave themselves up to His love and true devotion became free of all bondage. They were blessed as saints.

62. There is no place where God may not dwell. When you take gold out of a bangle made of gold there remains nothing – no bangle. It is God who is everywhere. There cannot be a place where there is no God. The famous episode from Ramayana: When Rama went to meet Rishi Balmiki he asked to show him a secluded place where he could meditate without any disturbance. Balmiki told him that he could suggest such a place only if Rama named a place where He was not present. So there is no place where God may not be present.

63. Ye good people, my brethern! Always sing the praises of the Lord. Till such time that you feel the presence of God within and without you keep meditating on His Name. Don’t you ever give up repeating His Name. If you stop reciting His Name you will not be able to meditate. Give yourself up on His lotus feet. You shall find him if you keep repeating His Name. It is His Name that shall help you reach and find Him.

64. You see all that surrounds you. You are bestowed with all knowledge. Peep into your inner self. You know as well as you see when an idea is born within you. You are not the thought, for it has no physical existence. Idea is your being – there is no doubt about it. That is why God is complete. He sees all. He is indivisible and cannot be destroyed.

65. Truth is the religion. A man who is truthful merges into the truth. You shall find God only when you completely identify yourself with the truth. Being clever or by deploying clever tactics you cannot attain the truth. My Guru blessed me with knowledge and put to an end all ignorance. And knowledge has brought within me the light – the light that enables me to tread the path that He chose for me.

66. One day a saint recited in a manner, most beautiful, the following line of Nam Dev:

Haath paon kar kaam sabh cheet Niranjan naal.

I was with him. We had gone to attend the bhog(conclusion ceremony of the continuous recitation of Guru Granth Sahib). He said nothing , only recited the line Cheet Niranjan naal and made the congregation do the same. What a wonderful experience it was!

67. The martyrdom day of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji was being celebrated at Bara Pind. As usual I performed katha- explaining and elucidating Gurbani(Guru’s word) and asked him to address the gathering. He recited the following line in an inimitable way:

Dukh mein Sukh manaie, Dukh mein Sukh manaie.

Such was the effect of the recitation that many among the congregation were moved to tears. The saint said, ” This was his (Guru Arjan Dev Ji) day who while suffering extreme physical agony had not complained at all and had accepted it as one would accept a boon because it had come from Him?

68. Great and holy men come to this world to defend Truth and religiousness. There is no need to think about their safety or security for they are the incarnations of the almighty. This is what God wills. He descends upon the earth to save the world. Think of the sacrifices made by our Gurus. The entire family of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj – father, mother and the four sons – attained martyrdom. It is not possible to enumerate what the tenth Master did for mankind. Similarly Christ expounded the truth after eliminating all that was false. That is why he is so widely respected and revered especially in the west. Find within yourself God, the formless one, whose part is your being. Where and why do you go to find him? You aimlessly wander in the jungle and desire to possess various objects. What for? God is infinite and without any form. It is not the matter. No idea. No object. It is your being. You are part of Him. He is all and everywhere and sees and perceives all.

69. Mirabai, as is well known, was from a princely family and married to a prince. She had developed intense devotion for Lord Krishna. She would go to the temple and dance in a state of ecstasy. She was a disciple of Ravidas. Her father and father-in-law thought that by dancing in the temple and singing the praises of her Lord she lowered the prestige of the two royal families. They decided to poison her. Her sister-in-law was asked to give her poison as prasad from the gods. Meera was indifferent to all this, accepted poison which turned into elixir. If you remember God and surrender yourself to Him He shall always be with you and poison will turn into Amrit.

70. Man goes astray and remains in wilderness for ages. It is God alone who, through His grace, brings man on the right path. Man can find God within himself and be one with Him only through His grace. Without His grace man can never find Truth which is yet another name of God.

71. Ego and desire are the two ailments man suffers from and they go on increasing with the passage of time. These two can be countered by truth and meditation on His Name. As long as man finds himself unable to meditate and has not developed absolute faith in Him he will remain in wilderness and far from being happy.

72. One, who has comprehended the truth of his existence and has realized the truth of his own being, is blessed with enlightenment. All those devoid of the two remain deprived of all light that makes life meaningful and worth living. This is possible only with the blessings of the Guru. Man attains salvation and comes out of the cycle of birth and death and of misery when he becomes one with his creator and self-realization dawns on him.

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  • 2 years later...

Truly it is a very high spirited post and a beautiful post, hats off to it.

And ..... I was just thinking, so nice posts are being poured here, they are so inspiritional, so personal...

Each and everyone trying his/her best, and for that, we feel very good and happy, when anyone gives that human touch to his/her posts...

We feel happy for them for being so blessed, and we happy for ourselves, because we are getting proofs, facts, that spirituality is a very high, noble and a beautiful path, that by travelling and working hard on it, we can get unimaginable results.

But inspite of all that, I think generally Wahiguru and all that revolves around it, is taken as a frivolity, as some type of amusement, entertainment, as a challenge, etc.

Of course it is very good what Baba Nikha Singh Ji Nirmala (Thakuran Sampardaye), tells us in all his 72 points above, personally I agree with all that is stated...but I was thinking, how moorakhs and petty minded we are...we human beings...

Whensoever, any blessed soul works hard doing abhyaas, and reaches the state, the avastha described also above....we humans, misunderstand them, because their state is different from ours, they see the divinity everywhere, they are one with that Divinity...so whatever they say or speak, the world treats them ususally as frauds, as pakhandees, as charlatans....because now their approach to that Primal Power, is not like ours based on rituals, peregrinations, dogmas, rules, regulations ...we go to the extent, we illtreat and abuse them, whether verbally or even physically, saying also he has become beadbee...

We may laugh now or say...no no this is not my case....

We all know what we did to Christ... we tortured and crucified Him, just because He said, I and my Father are one.... and the thing is He really was.

What we did to Guru Arjun Dev...what to Shamas Tabriz ... and the list is endless, even now, we are not much different from those narrow minded people.

It is a pity, good godly people, have always to suffer.

Those who become one with Him, do not display any powers, or similar...they are the most humble. Their main virtue is that, they are in tune with His mauj, so naturally thay do not interfere with the course of the nature, they do not come to make this planet earth a Paradise.

They only come to give the message, that if we do abyaas also, by practicing it, not mere theory, we also can become one with that Aad Guru, or Shabad, or Wahiguru or Nam...give it any name, just words are different, but it is the same Power.

So much hatred, so much krodh, so much violence...and that too in the name of religion ......that we take the justice by ourselves

Does our Lord Wahiguru needs our protection? Has His power dimnished?

Has He forgotten how to handle His creation, that we interfere violently?

Is He not present, even in the thugs, thieves, criminals?

Why should we torture anybody, and that also in His name?

Has He told us to do so? If yes, then he is not a god worthy of our devotion. If not, then why do we do it?

We see, there are many questions that we may not like to face, we have to ask from our very depth, where is my faith taking me?

Am I becoming an aggressive fanatic, or am I filled with the divine virtues of : compassion,forgiveness, humility, forbearnce, santosh, sheel ....

If we are bold enough to ask these questions to ourselves sincerely, we will get the answers. If we are intolerant, that cleary means, our faith is "kachaa" stil ... we are still in agyanta, running after empty shadows .

There is only one ardaas at His Holy Feet, may He bless us with His love and knowledge, to know and realize the Truth within us, and stay calm in His bhaana....


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