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I am bemused when I see Akhan Path of SGGS being done at our homes with the help of Professional Pathis, doing Path for us continuously for three days, without even taking a break for a second. I wonder whats the logic behind it?

Moreover, the Pathis read it so fast that for a ordinary person like me it is impossible to grasp most of it. Neither we take pains to understand what is the meaning of what is being read. What is the purpose of reciting like this?

Moreover, it is noticed that the prioirity is set on that the path should finish by say 9.00 am or 10.00 am and so whenever the Pathis realise that they are behind the schedule, they would increase their speed of reciting even more according to their conveniance. Even the persons who have kept the Path in their house would sleep in the night and the Pathis would carry on with the reading. In this what we are achieving... Don't you think it is more of a rituals or anything?

We hardly ever bother as to what the SGGS conveys to us... I think this a "bae-adbi" of SGGS. Don't you think it would be much better if we could ourselves recite SGGS... well may be five pages a day and also understanding the meanings with help of translation in simple Punjabi...



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Path is a Path whether Akhand Path, Sahaj Path or Smapat Path. Now the point of discussion is that what is the use if we are NOT able to grasp the meaning? There is so much diversity in languages like arabi, farsi, sanskrit, urdu or even Gurumukhi becasue many of the words have ceased to be used in the commom Punjabi being spoken today (aam bol chaal dee bhasha). Just for example: What would happen if a frenchman comes to us says "Good Morning in French", even that we won't be able to understand.

I think the right idea would be to learn these languages first and then read SGGS so that we are able grasp the actual meaning of the Gurbani. Now do you know what we do? We just take a simple line from a shabad and start its interpretation rather than getting the meaning of the whole Shabad and unfortunatly we end up making a misinterpretation of the Shabad.

This is the real problem

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