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Sant Isher Singh Jee Rara Sahib Wale


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This Video is in honour of Sant Isher Singh Jee Rara Sahib Wale.

Please note that this HTML5 file will ONLY work on the newest browsers. I was not able to export it as a video.

It will not work on Windows XP, IE 8 (only 9 and 10 preview), and older versions of Firefox (below 5) and Chrome (12 and below).

To view this video (animation made with Adobe Edge Preview, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro) first download it, then double-click on the file. It should open up in your default browser and play right away. The total running time is around 1.25minutes. Please click 'Allow Blocked Content' in IE9 if it asks you to.

If you have any problems, please ask below.

all copyright darwesh singh.


EDIT: Aha! I recorded the screen (Camtasia Recorder trial) to an .AVI, but the filesize is 5.04GB. Compressed, the file is 23.6MB :(. Too Large.

EDIT 2: Converted the screen recording using Handbrake to .MP4, but the quality is much degraded from the original HTML5 file. It is also too large (2.18MB :( )

So now I have compressed the FOLDER that contains all of the files needed to open the HTML5 file. Just uncompress and open the HTML file. If you want, install Edge and open the .EDG file and edit and play around with it.

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