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Poll Pact: Left Wants 30 Seats From Ppp

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Poll pact: Left wants 30 seats from PPP

Poll pact: Left wants 30 seats from PPP

Sarbjit Dhaliwal

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 29

Keen on an electoral alliance with the People’s Party of Punjab (PPP), the Left parties -- the CPI and the CPM -- are preparing to contest 30 seats in the forthcoming state assembly elections.

“Negotiations are on with PPP chief Manpreet Badal regarding the sharing of seats. We expect to get more than 30 seats from the PPP,” said Joginder Dayal, a member of the CPI national executive. He said the Left parties would clear various issues, including sharing of seats, enlisting of main issues to be raised during the campaign and schedule for the joint campaign, over the next three-four weeks.

“The PPP leadership will be asked to allocate the constituencies where we have significant vote bank,” said Dayal. He said during the 1980 assembly elections, the CPI and the CPM won more than 12 seats. The Left parties had also done well in the previous two assembly elections, he claimed.

Notably, the CPI has a sizeable vote bank in Budhlada, Mansa, Malout, Amritsar (West), Valtoha, Majitha, Nihalsinghwala, Jalalabad and Raikot areas. The CPM has its noteworthy presence in Nangal-Anandapur Sahib, Garhshankar, Banga, Phillaur and Sangrur areas.

Dayal said he had a brief meeting with Manpreet in Phagwara yesterday regarding the electoral tie-up. “The Left-PPP alliance will provide a third alternative to the state people,” he said.


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The communists won less seats in the 2007 assembly elections than they have party factions! If you are wondering they contested 39 seats and lost in all of them!

Left always loose in all the states barring few North eastern states ,Bengal or Kerala.No Doubt Left has some of most honest politicians in India but the problem is they are struck in era of Lenin,Stalin.Anyway my point is if Manpreet is hoping to ally with Left then its the end of his political career in Punjab .If he comes to power with support of Left then surely they will pressurise him to adopt leftist policies.

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