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'downton Abbey' And The M. Duleep Singh Connection.

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WHat can you expect?

Lineage, of any kind is insignificant when you surrounded by any particular type company. Even though it is stated he is a Sikh, do you think he ever had much contact with Indians , let alone Panjabis or SIkhs?

His main sangat was the upper echelons of British society. That is how he turned out. Doesn't matter what/who his family were.

But then again, if he wanted to become a practicing Sikh do you believe that the Sikh establishment would have allowed him or accepted him?

Just read the story of his sister, who came to India wanting to marry a Panjabi amritdhari man. She approached the Sikh elite (SGPC etc) so that she could take amrit and they could arrange a marriage for her. She was totally ignored. She gave up broken-hearted and ended up marrying an Englishman. She is now buried in Lahore in a Christian cemetery.

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