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Special Offer! Kush Kabari

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Special Offer.....

collect 8 tokens from Weetabix and receive the title of Panth Rattan.

Send off 8 tokens to Badal Sr. c/o Jathedar of Akal Takat, Amritsar, Pb, India.

In return you will get in the post a beautifully etched kirpan and Certificate of Authenticity. A marble and bathroom tile clad memorial gate will be erected outside your pind on all the approach roads.

OR send off 6 tokens from your East End Bombay Mix packets and you will receive the title Bhai Sahib and a shiny Amritsar mass-produced kirpan.

With both offers you are entitled to use a 'lall batti' on your Tata Safari for all journies in Panjab and a 6 man security detail.

For a short time only (whilst Badal & Son are in office).

Limited to one per person.

No purchase necessary (however a donation to Akali Dal Party will be appreciated - and bump you up the list!)

Terms & Conditions apply - contact Akali Dal HQ for further details.

The Takhats are fast losing any credibility!!!

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