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Out of interest, seeing the rise in the da'wah jihadis who vilify Sikh history to gain easy conversion points; what do purataan sources, both mughal and Sikh, tell us about the relationship between the 5th, Sixth Gurus and the Mughal emperors.

Specifically if this could be a questionnaire, then:

-What truly happened when Guru Arjan Dev Ji met Khusru?

-Did the Guru have any rebellious intents?

-What did Jahangir think of the Guru before executing him?

-What was Chandu Shah's role in the matter?

-What transpired in the meeting between Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and Jahangir?

-What led to the Guru being arrested/courting arrest?

-What occurred that Shah Jahan and the Guru started measuring swords?

-What was Jahangir and Shah Jahan's opinion on the sixth Guru?

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