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Vilayat Vali Janamsakhi And Hafizabad Vali Janamsakhi Guru Nanak Janam Sakhi

Genie Singh

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Does anyone know where to get these 2:

Vilayat Vali Janamsakhi and Hafizabad Vali Janamsakhi Guru Nanak Janam Sakhi

Also I got 2 papers I uploaded about them for information and I think it seems the two are actually the same and bhai vir singh published it. So the free puratan janamsakhi is supposedly the same as both of those.

The manuscript of Vilayatvali janamsakhi was taken to England in 1815 by Henry Thomas Colebrook (1765-1835), a Sanskrit scholar. He deposited the manuscript in East India Company's library. [Alot of books the east Indian tea company had are now in the british library but it doesn't come up in their catalogue http://explore.bl.uk/ ]
Prof. Gurmukh Singh, the celebrated leader of the Lahore Singh Sabha, found another janamsakhi at Hafizabad, now in Distt. Gujranwala in Pakistan . Gurmukh Singh loaned his find to Macauliffe who, having divided its unbroken lines into separate words, published the text privately in 1885. The version is variously known as the Hafizabad Janam Sakhi or as the Macauliffe vali Janam Sakhi. Its contents are quite close to the Colebrooke janamsakhi. These two manuscripts remain amongst the most important of the Puratan tradition.
1. Colebrooke’s Janamsakhi. It has two other names - Vilayatvali Janamsakhi as it had been brought from old India Office Library, London. Puratan Janamsakhi was the title given to it by Bhai Vir Singh, an eminent scholar who edited it and got it published in 1926.[3 ]We shall discuss it in details in this paper.



Here is the Bhai Vir Singh puratan janamsakhi http://www.scribd.com/doc/14762799/JanamSakhis-Vir-Singh-Punjabi

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Does anyone know where to get these 2:

Vilayat Vali Janamsakhi and Hafizabad Vali Janamsakhi Guru Nanak Janam Sakhi

Whether they are the same I don't know. WH Mcleod did a lot of research on it/them so he must have got his hands on it/them at one time. DO you have his book " Guru Nanak and the Janamsakhi Traditions" ?

There may be something in there on where he procured it/them. I have the book, and will go through it again if you don't.

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