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Sant Gurbachan Singh Reciting Gurbani

PAL 07

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from minutes 12:00

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thanks for the audio, much needed to fight against kaam.

O Lord ! save me from these 5.

food consumption equals kaam, therefore Ona Dunia Thoreh Bandana, An Paanee Thora Khaya (Asa Ki Var)

kill kaam vashna with vastuu veechar - do you know what this is

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I don't know whats vastuu veechar. Pls enlighten me

Vastu = an object/entity

veechar = contemplate/gyaan of what it really is.

So basically at the moment you see all the world as name and object. You see women as an object of sexual pleasure (kaam). You have to change this default phenomenon (Man Locheh Buriayia Patsahi 9) through vastu veechar.

Through the correct thinking (gyaan) and contemplation (veechar) of kaam you change your outlook from Kanchan Naree Me Jeo Labit Hai "you are attracted to beautiful woman - GGS" to Baba Bikh Dekeya Sansar " Baba i know see the world full of poison - GGS"

The word Bikh means poison and from this comes word like Bikaar. Vikaar, Vish etc. Satguru isn't referring to cyanide or some other poison in a bottle. They use this as a poetical metaphor for: maya, women, gold property, children, family, agyaanta of your true swaroop, panj chor, the body and its senses.

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Did ' vastu veechar' work for you ? Do you have that 'reality of objects' a part of your experience?

Obviously Gurmat is gonna work. If you listen to Sant Ji's katha he does refer to this. Asa Ki Var also touches upon this - Deh Lambee Nadar Nihalieh Jio Sahib Naal Na Harieh, Tehveha Pasa Dalieh

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