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Brixton Riots Police Apology

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I was 11 years old when police burst into my mum's house and shot her in her bedroom in front of me and my sisters. They were looking for my brother, instead they left my mum paralysed from the waist down. After her shooting doctors said she had just 10 years to live, but she lived for 26 years. My mum never gave up.

Her name was Cherry Groce and her shooting sparked the Brixton riots in 1985. To this day no one has been held responsible for what happened to her.

Now we have a chance for justice. An inquest into my mother's death will take place in June. But we've been denied legal aid, without it we can't afford a lawyer to represent us at the inquest and ask questions of the police. That's why I've started a petition calling on Prime Minister David Cameron and Justice Minister Chris Grayling to grant my family legal aid. Please support us.

For almost three decades the police have been allowed to get away with shooting my mum. The officer was acquitted and there has never been a full public investigation into what happened. But since the trial we've discovered new information that was never made public, revealed in a special Channel 4 News report. [1]

Our request for legal aid has so far been refused but the police will use public money to pay for legal advice at the inquest. Legal aid can be granted if there is a wider public interest. The more people that support us - by signing our petition - the greater our chance of getting legal aid.

All we are asking for is the ability to represent ourselves and finally get the truth.

Please sign my petition and help us get the legal aid we need.

My mother deserves justice too.

Thank you,


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